Saturday, December 1, 2018

Healthline Mentor

I have had a long and excellent relationship with a company called Healthline.  I am not on their payroll, for the record, but we have done projects together.  One of them was my being a mentor to a woman diagnosed with metastatic cancer.    They were going to film our meeting. I was pretty excited about meeting Susan, although they told me almost nothing about her so I could do no research on her situation.  I have talked to a lot of newly diagnosed women online; my goal being to give them hope that some longevity is possible and that many of the things they hope can come true.  But I haven't met any newbies in person.

I loved meeting Susan, hearing her story and discovering our similaries.  However, I wouldn't exactly call her a mentee or me a mentor, as she had mets for four years and has spent her time in a support group for younger women to help them process their diagnoses.  Rather than being a mentor to  her, I considered us equals. 

That doesn't mean it wasn't an important or valuable meeting for me, and hopefully for her.  But we were definitely on the same page as far as cancer goes.

Healthline wrote a story about it and posted the video.  For some reason, the only way I can get the video to show is separate it from the story, (which may be my computer) so here it is, and here is the story:

I hope you enjoy it and get something from it!  If you need to contact me, I suggest you like my facebook page and contact me through messenger as my email is becoming difficult to sort through due to spam.  I hate to think I've missed people who really want to speak to me but I'm sure I have.  

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  1. My children are 2 and 3 and I was just diagnosed with Metastatic breast cancer. It is so refreshing to watch you both, with your kids grown now. It gives me hope and made me smile! Thank you!


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