Monday, July 16, 2018

New App for Cancer Patients

Over the next month, I've partnered with Breast Cancer Healthline to test and use a new app for breast cancer patients, and I'm excited to share it with you.

Why an App?
The internet has changed so much over the years - when I was first diagnosed, the only thing available were articles,  forums and blogs. What I really needed was human interaction, so I found's forums and posted there to get the help and advice we all need so much, but I found certain aspects of it problematic, mainly, the vast number of sections.  I also read blogs, and when I couldn't find what I was looking for, started my own (this very one!) so the next person coming along would find what I'd wanted.

Then Facebook rose up.  There are plenty of breast cancer groups on facebook, many of which have done a lot of good.   I truly believe that my blog and facebook helped spread the word about metastatic cancer, and while groups and companies have a long way to go, those of us with mets are not always forgotten as we used to be.   There is a negative though - when you log onto facebook just to catch up with family for friends, you find that many of the groups have had people who have died. It becomes overwhelming, and certainly is not what a newly diagnosed woman needs to hear. 

Now, an App
The latest and greatest technology is an app. They are designed to keep you entertained, organized, help with shopping and productivity.  And now there is one designed for breast cancer patients, so we can talk to each other.  It's so simple - it's in your purse, in your pocket; it's easy to use and there are people waiting to talk to you at the push of a button.  And you get to control when.

The overall point of Heathline's Breast Cancer app is to match you with others who have breast cancer one-to-one. Not only just match you with similar women. They match you to another person who has put down some of the same concerns that you have.  There, you talk to them individually, via an ice-breaker question where you can start a private conversation -  or through group topics.  One of the things I enjoyed was the groups were not be broken down into every type and combination of breast cancer there is, as it becomes confusing and impossible to fit in.  So far, there are just five main topics, which seem to cover everything we need when it comes to breast cancer. And, yes, Stage IV is one of the topics.

Now, let me assure you this app is free and ad-free.  I am asked to advertise things on this blog every day and I say no to 99.9% of those things. Every app so far that I've been asked to look at has been the same - medication monitoring and doctor appoint remembering.  None have been about what we women need and want - communication.   I have worked with Healthline in the past and know the to be a trustworthy company.  This app is something I believe in, and I think it is handy to have, and if you are having one of "those" moments, you know, those "I need to talk to somebody who gets it or scream" moments -  well, this app can be there for you.  It is also very handy for those newly diagnosed, which is by far the most confusing time of a persons life.

So did I interest you?  How do you get it?

For Android or iPhone, you can download it here:

Here is an article about it, and I was interviewed! 


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