Friday, April 23, 2010

Stand Up 2 Cancer

One of the organizations I support is Stand Up 2 Cancer. I do that despite the fact that they use a "2" instead of the word "to" in their name. It's a worthy organization. I believe in them because they want to focus on "translational research" - translating promising research into medical practice. Their goal is to bypass bureaucratic hangups, something a school secretary can appreciate, and cut down on the amount of time research takes when progressing from discovery through clinical trials and out to people. Something a cancer patient can appreciate.

Finally, the reason I support them is my personal hero, Dennis Slamon, is involved.

If you don't know who Dennis Slamon is, and especially if you are HER2, you need to get the movie Living Proof or read the book, Her 2: The Making of Herceptin..

Here is a previously unreleased video with Minka Kelly, who starred in Friday Night Lights, discussing the impact cancer has had on her life. Being a person who ignored her mammograms, I can't say enough about early identification of cancer.

If only Josh Holloway would do a PSA for SU2C.

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  1. My primary oncologist, Dr.John Glaspy of UCLA is one of the founders of this group. They do a fantastic job and I totally support and appreciate what they do too.


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