Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas - Contest!

Merry Christmas!

This date last year, I was 24 hours past my second chemo. My hair was falling like snow so I had just shaved it, and faced a bald Christmas and hairless winter months.

This season is a tough one to be bald, with parties and family visiting and events to attend. Starting the new year without a nice wig makes life a little harder for the cancer patient, as I well know. Going out in scarves is fine for every day, but a wig is often that nice little touch of normality during a difficult time.

Being bald last year and knowing what it's like, it is very special that I can offer a reader a gift as we enter the new year. I have the opportunity to offer a lucky reader a very nice, expensive, monofiliment wig of their own - for free! Start 2011 with a lovely, trendy, comfortable wig.

The wig is by Paula Young, and the model is a new one, called Elyse.

Here is a description: "The Elyse wig is a modern salon-quality cut, featuring longer, angled layers in the front and tapered at the sides and in back. Hand-tied, with a monofilament top, Elyse offers full coverage with a natural-looking part and styling flexibility. It even includes open ear tabs are perfect for eyeglass wearers."

I'm not bald anymore, but in putting it on, I found it very comfortable. I wish I'd had this wig when I had been bald.

Paula Young, the company, is a supporter of various breast cancer-related charities, so I can confidently say that this is an excellent product coming from a good company.

Here are some photos of me in the wig. I chose my own color and the winner will be able to choose their color too. You can find selections at the website here.

So, how do you win? Just make a comment: click on the button that says "Talk to me" and say something nice! You may comment anonymously, but in your comment, you must put identifying information so I know who you are. At midnight, January 1st, the contest is closed, and I will draw names out of a hat on the 2nd. The lucky winner will send me their address, I will pass it along to the Paula Young representative, and you'll have your new wig in a few days, just in time to start the new year.

Good luck and Merry Christmas!


  1. great post and a very nice wig :) merry christmas

  2. You look beautiful. Christmas may have your hair, but God continues to give you your grace and beauty.....Merry Christmas.

  3. Hi Ann!

    You look great! Quite the "bocacious ta-tas" you have there!

    Please enter me in your contest...I start chemo on Dec. 30 so by mid to late January I will really need a wig!

    I tried to post this before, but it looks like it disappeared!?!

    Happy New Year!

  4. You look great!! My Aunt Paula passed away in 2000 from breast cancer but she taught me so much before she passed. Even without hair she was beautiful inside and out. I pray that you stay strong and God teaches you and people around you so much!! Thanks for putting it all out there!!

  5. I have been reading your blog since my diagnosis August 4, 2010. I also see your posts on, I appreciate you positve outlook and responses and wish you a Happy New Year. Please enter me in the contest, would be really nice to have a wig for special occasions.

  6. I was just diagnosed 11/15 - Stage III breast cancer - lymphnode involved ductal carcinoma...chemo starts Jan in June...i am scared but hopeful...had the PORT put in last week...the kids, 11-yr old twins, had a great Christmas and we cherished our time. Dad is a police officer and very supportive...want everyone to get a "KICK-ASS" attitude like you Ann and best of luck to all who are surviving.... a better 2011 for all... I look forward to my new pair of ta-tas in June.


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