Friday, November 18, 2011

Finding Support - and Support Me!

I have joined a network for women's health, called "EmpowerHer."  It's a start-up that looks like it could be fantastic way to meet up with others who have your health condition or concerns.  There is already a group for breast cancer, with a nurse who will respond to medical questions, and I intend to participate there and help newbies with my non-medical advice.   I also started a group myself, for metastatic breast cancer patients, so if you have an interest in talking to others with metastatic cancer, either as a patient or caregiver, feel free to join up.   We can talk about anything we want.

Now, my subject line says you can support me, and I know you want to.  So how?   Well, they are running a contest on their site.  I share a story, get the most comments, and the most page views, and I win money.

I like money!

I like money a lot!

So, I wrote you a nice, true, short story,  about what happened to me yesterday when I walked into work for the first time since early October.    It's all heart-wrenching and stuff, and I would have posted it here on my own blog (and added 400 more words probably) but I can't run a contest for myself.

After you read it, please leave a comment about where you found support when you were diagnosed, or how you as a caregiver do something to support your loved one with cancer or anything you want really because it's the most comments, not the best or most relevant.  I think you can leave an anonymous comment, although they won't spam you if you register.

And, thank you in advance for helping me right before Christmas, and for being part of my support network. Because, my blog readers, you are a huge part of my support network.  I am not sure I could do this without you all rooting me on from afar.

Anyway, lots of other bloggers will be entering so let's show everybody my readers are the best!

Thank you!


  1. Ann,
    I did leave a comment there. I guess it says from anonymous. I'll leave it here too. Finding support is so important. I'm so glad you have so many people you can lean on. My greatest support, other than from my immediate family, comes from my on-line friends. They've turned out to mean more to me than I would have ever imagined. They are better than some of my real life friends and I sure share more with them! Good luck with the contest. Hope you win!

    Here's the comment I left there.

    Ann, you're so right, cancer doesn't just affect us and our immediate families. Sometimes it can also change how our friends look at us and treat us. Some friendships will be strengthened, some will be weakened, some new ones will be formed and some will be lost. That's just the way it is. It sounds like you are in good hands in the friends department. That must have been a lovely moment when you walked into that room and heard the applause. I'm wondering what you did or said?? Thanks for sharing and for the good advice.

  2. Nancy thank you so much for participating and the thoughtful comment. I posted about what I did on the EmpowerHER sitr but let's say I'm none too proud of it. I mostly looked embarrassed and got out of the way, rather than stood up straight and properly thanked them, as I should have. Without words on paper, I'm nothing. :)

    Keep it up everybody, you are setting the bar!


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