Thursday, January 31, 2013

Plea from the Infusion Room

My friend Christine and I were sitting around, getting our infusions like we do every Wednesday.   I was trying to think of a creative way to obtain votes for the Healthline Best Blog contest, and I came up with the idea of doing a video.  Christine agreed to help me and another patient held the camera.

We came up with the "on the pole" idea because supposedly, a lot of people pay for college "on the pole."  After we came up with that, we had the whole room giggling and involved.  

Most touchingly, one husband came back and thanked me after his wife had finished her chemo, saying that our silly event had made his day and made his wife's first terrifying chemo experience a fun one.

That right there was worth a thousand dollars.

Here is the result:

All money is to go to my son's college fund, and the race is very close.  I need every vote I can get!  Please go here and vote for ButDoctorIHatePink.    Please show them how strong the breast cancer community is, and please help support my son in his quest to go to college.

You can vote from either facebook or twitter, and your twitter account must have a photo attached to it and you must be following people.  They disqualified over 70 twitter votes because there was no photo with the account, even though I know the people who own them.   I understand that they want real accounts and not "fake" ones, but they don't seem to have an appeals process, so be careful!   They will NOT use your information for anything but posting that you voted, and if you use facebook, you can vote and then click the X to stop it from going on your wall.   So, there is no reason not to vote.

You can vote once a day and the contest ends February 15th.

Thank you!   We had fun doing this short little snippet, and I am very grateful for everybody who votes.  If I win, maybe I can get the entire infusion room to say "Thank you!"  Maybe the nurses will participate! (Hear that girls?)


  1. I had to have a surgical biopsy about 18 months after my first cancer surgery. At a follow-up visit with my surgeon all of the patients in the waiting room were women. Slowly, each of them shared why they were there. It turned out we were all there to see the same doctor! (It's a shared office). We then got talking about redecorating the waiting area - but not in pink! The conversation progress to those things that are "funny" about breast cancer treatment. We got laughing so hard the nurse closed the check-in window. When I went in for my appointment the Medical Assistant told me she had never heard so much laughter in the waiting room (and she said it with a tone that made it clear that our laughter was a good thing). Laughter truly helps. There is so much of the absurd in treatment. I know that if I could not have laughed I would have stayed in bed until July! I'm so glad you could share some laughter today.

  2. Um, I have a question about Twitter. Does the twitter account have to have an image instead of a blank space where the pic would be, or do I have to have an actual picture of me? Only asking because I signed up for Twitter in order to vote for you, but I had a blank space with no picture, so I was probably one of the Twitter voters who were disqualified. I have an image of the Star tarot card as my image, but it's not a photograph of me. Is that good enough? They won't let me vote again today. I have a follower and I'm following someone (how did that happen?), so I'm good otherwise.
    Please advise.
    Anne B.

  3. I have been voting! You are wonderful :)

  4. I'm Impy Abby and I now strongly suspect that my many votes for you have been disqualified because I have no photo with my created-just-for-youTwitter account. I don't want any postings on my Facebook wall. I tried to vote from my FB account and click onto the X, but the vote wasn't registering. Obviously, I'm doing something wrong, not surprisingly given that I'm not tech savvy.

  5. when you vote, where it says share, hit cancel and it wont show on your face book wall.


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