Saturday, September 14, 2013

My first necklace

EDIT!  The product sold ALREADY!  That might be a record.  Thank you, S.  I will send it out on Monday and I will have more up in the coming days, all unique and different.

Hey boys and girls. A quick note before my next two real blog posts come up.

I'm feeling healthier (yay!) but obviously can't work.  I also have a child who is a senior in high school and a husband talking retirement.  I have decided to sell necklaces to help add to my son's college fund and senior year activities.  I realize that I may only buy a tassel, even with lots of sales, but that's okay, I am contributing.

I fell in love with these glass tile pendants and thought that I would make some.   I like them so much, I thought you might too! I have lots of designs drying and lots more in the works.  In fact, there is glue all over my house and my cat has a toothpick stuck to her tail.

There are glass tiles out there, but so far, mine are unique in glass tile world as they are collage with embedded items, not just pretty paper.

So, below is my very first one that's ready for sale!  How exciting!

Some coming up are cancer-related (and yes, pink, but I will do all the cancer colors, and in honor of my friend Sarah, gone over a year now, teal will be coming up soon.)  Of course not all of them are about cancer.  

Each one comes with a hand-written letter about why I made that particular design. I also have a liberal return policy - if you don't like it, ship it back, no questions asked.

If you order from me, I will mail it within 2 days after payment. Remember, I'm new to jewelry making but I think they came out okay, and I wear them so I figured you would too. I will do a special page to put them up when I get photos taken of more of them (I'm waiting on gold pieces) but for now, I was so excited that I finished one that I wanted to share it immediately!

Don't worry, Part 2 of my "How to be a Survivor" is coming up soon, as is a special review about a book I read.

In the meantime, even if you don't buy, I would appreciate a like on facebook!  Oops, I forgot to watermark time.  :)

Here is a photo, apparently once they are sold the entire listing disappears.  But you can see what you missed:


  1. If you posted a picture I can't see it. If so then I hope you posted it on FB too.

  2. Can't see it either; very curious!

  3. Apparently, once you sell it the photo disappears. Which is not very helpful, is it? So, I added one so you can see what sold. I have many other styles in the works if you are interested. Christmas is around the corner! :)

  4. So, how much and how do I purchase? I will be delighted with whatever design you produce!!!

  5. Yes please Ann! Will you ship to Australia, pretty please!?

  6. Can you ship to Switzerland?

    See how the whole world is reading you? :)

  7. How can we get them if we do not FB? Love the design!

  8. Hi. Great idea Ann and I'm sure many people will want one. Will you be shipping to the UK? X

  9. I'm very pleased people want them! Yes, I will ship world wide but obviously, I can't do that for free. I will be putting more that I've made online in the next day and I'll be taking orders for special ones, as that is what seems to be popular!

    You don't have to have facebook. I am going to create a page here where I'll list them and I can put them in the sidebar. :)

  10. I like it! I will definitely want one, once you have more for sale. ;-)

  11. Love, love, love it Ann! I will definitely buy one but I have a feeling your aren't going to be able to keep them in stock!

  12. Ann,
    the necklace looks great... I'll keep my eyes open and buy one :)
    also, I'm thrilled to pieces that you're feeling better and having more energy :)

  13. Lovely pendant, Can you let me know what material have you used for the black part of the pendant..and I would liek to make it by myself ?

    1. It's made with heavyweight paper and diamond glaze. I printed the design myself

  14. Where do I buy, Ann? Lovely!


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