Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

I am so grateful that I am around to celebrate this holiday again.  I'm thankful for my family and friends, who have been so supportive. I'm indebted to my medical team: nurses, doctors, assistants - who keep me going and are so kind and caring.   I appreciate all of my blog readers, facebook followers, whose comments and posts keep me going.  On those days I'm so sick I can barely move, one of my first thoughts is you all.  Who knew you'd be integrated into my life the way you have become?

I hope you each has a wonderful Thanksgiving in your own way, with friends and family, football and turkey.  But if this is not your holiday, if you are reading this from another country, than just take a moment today to be grateful for what you do have - as we all should ever day.  No matter how difficult life can be, there is always one good thing, whether it is a purring cat, the way sunlight catches on a leaf, or a hot shower with a delicious soap.  The simple things, ultimately, can keep you going.

Happy Thanksgiving,



(PS:  Don't forget to vote for me on the Best Blog Contest.  Due to technical problems, people could not vote for me for a week so we have some ground to make up! )


  1. happy thanksgiving Canadian so we celebrated already but in honour of my American friends I will celebrate what makes me happier than anything else - my boys, my hubby , my family and friends. That's all you need

  2. I just voted and see you are in 1st! Keep up the votes everyone!! Wishing you love and laughter during December.

  3. Hello Ann, I am so thankful to be able to find your website through SoulPancake on Youtube. I am just coming to you in the hopes that you can view this video that I would like to share with you, with an open mind. Please don't give up the fight, just get new ammo. You're a beautiful person.

  4. We are all grateful you are still here!!! I just voted and posted to FB so hope you win again. Glad you had a nice Turkey day. Your friend in Reno Judi

  5. Hi Ann, just catching up on your blog. One of the things I am truly grateful for this year is having the opportunity to "meet" you, which is a bonus in and of itself, but also I learned I knew nothing about metastatic breast cancer. In addition to being a funny, bright and amazingly positive woman, you are educating so many people. I feel silly about how ignorant I was before...and voting for your blog every day.


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