Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Just a few housekeeping things...

1.  I love writing and do better with writing than speaking...but I thought I would try You Tube.  I want to do some product reviews for cancer patients, and I think it is often better to see things than it is to read about them.  So I started a channel.   I may or may not keep up with it, who knows?  But if you are interested, here it is:

There are a few videos but I have one about a product I found that helped me "even out "after a mastectomy so find that one.

There may be videos I embed here but I don't want to turn my blog into mostly reviews. Nothing wrong with it but the way I see it, this is my ongoing story of living with metastatic cancer and while certain things make life easier or are things I want to share with you, I would like this blog to mostly be my writing. (I'm more interesting in writing than in real life!)  But I'm going to try YouTube for a different experience, to learn something new and to have a place to put those things I'm interested in but may not want to blog about.  Many people ask me to share things that I don't think are right for the blog but I can expend it.

Now, I am not EVER going to be a professional YouTuber, and I realize I won't have a zillion subscribers and am not going for that.  I am not beautiful, and am outside of their age demographic, and chemo brain leaves me stuttering, "umm.-ing"and struggling for words.  My lighting won't be perfect, my backgrounds will be my messy home and it is what it is. But maybe I can show you some of my life in video - chemo, tricks of dressing with a mastectomy, helpful products, scarf tying......stuff like that.  The blog is always going to be #1 though.

While I feel healthy, it seems like a new project is the way to go and when my son leaves for college, I am going to really need something to keep my mind on. (I miss him now and he's in the next room!)  Learning how to edit videos is something I'm interested in (but for now, they are one-take unedited versions).   If people like it then maybe I'll do more. and take the time to learn how to be professional about it.

If you do go view it, and enjoy it or find it valuable, please hit the subscribe button and like the video.  I am not quite sure why but every single video I watch says to to that, so sheep that I am, I am going to say it too. I suppose like facebook, it shows how many people you are reaching.

2.  My friend Anastastia, who took the photos at the top of my facebook page of my family and the one of me and my dog, is offering an amazing deal.  She is a well-known artist whose work has been featured in magazines, brochures and art journals as you can see if you look at her page:   

"I am offering 5 photo sessions with 50% discount. Yes, that is right. 50% off. $300 for a $600 package that includes 3 hour photo session, complete privacy, 15 retouched photographs of your choice AND high resolution files. The deal will be over once I sell five photo sessions and then my prices will go back to normal. 
Men, women, couples, all ages, backgrounds and body types.
If you think you have a friend who would benefit from it, please forward them this information.""

If you tell her I sent you and she ran out of the five,  she may give you a different discount, but it won't be 50%. and won't last beyond early June.  So act fast!  It will make a great gift for a woman recovering from cancer and adjusting to her new body.

3.   Finally. my son will be graduating June 4th.  Long term readers will know why that is so important to me - it is literally what I have been staying alive for.  And I will be posting videos and discussing that to come so if you don't like people who brag about their kids, come back in mid-June.  :)  Last night's award ceremony was lovely and he is a Valedictorian, won Science Bowl and Speech and Debate.  The entire crowd cheered when his name was called which warmed my heart at how well liked he is, and one of his teachers was emotional about him - which is the best kind of teacher. I will show you that.  Life with cancer also means my life as a mother.

4.  I have not done a newsletter in a long time but I have one planned.  I want to have a giveaway but am having trouble finding things to give....  :)  Anyway, stay tuned, I"ll try to come up with something interesting.

5.  Lastly, this is for the people who live in Greater Sacramento.  If you need HVAC service, a tune-up or have an issue, call Bonney Plumbing, Heating,and Air, and ask for Chris specifically. He's amazing.

6.  On the other end of the service spectrum, stay far, far away from Paper Wishes.  Terrible service, rude people, money still missing and I was a good customer who spent quite a lot with them and was a "VIP."  Hah!  I don't expect to be ignored when I have a CS question but I always was, and then when they took my money and didn't send me my product-worse.   I am wondering if I should write up the story or not (it's long) but I suspect folks don't care about retail therapy that makes ME need therapy, plus, I keep thinking - hey, I'm alive to get bad service and be upset about it!  There is always an upside and why dwell.

Anyway, those are the little things I wanted to share.  New post coming soon!


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