Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Dr. Katherine Albrecht Radio Show

Did you miss me in the Dr. Katherine Albrecht radio show today?

I'm not surprised if you did, since I didn't post the info.  I'm been going through a lot these days and am struggling with posting. (No bad news though, nothing to worry about.)

Dr. Albrecht is a metster!  She has brain mets and is recovering from a 2015 surgery.  It was fantastic talking to somebody who totally gets what this disease means.

It isn't too late to listen - here's how:

* "On demand" 24-hour listen line: 605-562-4053
    Show can be heard live, then looping until it is replaced by the next show

* Live and delayed broadcast to over 40 national radio affiliates - if you have Tune-In Radio, just search for Katherine Albrecht and you can find years of her shows.  The date for me is July 5th.
* On-demand web link:
Show is available until replaced by the next show

*  Available as an MP3 audio file:
Archive descriptions and MP3 audio are posted on my website each evening
http://www.KatherineAlbrecht.com (From the "Radio Show" menu, click  "Show Archives")

I have to say, sad as the circumstances are, it's nice to have somebody in the media who understands metastatic breast cancer.  All we ever hear are the media personalities who have a brush with an early stage cancer and then thank mammograms for saving their lives.

Now we have one who knows that for some of us, a mammogram is only one step on a long, long road.


  1. I was just thinking we hadn't heard from you in a while and I was wondering if you were ok. I'm sorry you've been struggling, but glad it is not bad news. Good to "see" you again.

  2. Anne!! Sorry, that comes across weird since you don't know me... ahem. I read your blog years ago and then fell off the blogosphere, have just found my way back and remembered your blog and I am SO HAPPY to see you still here blogging :) So just wanted to comment to say that you have made my day!

  3. You are on my heart


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