Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hope for the Best

But prepare for the worst.

I believe, without a doubt, that I will have a long life.  This cancer experience will be put behind me, and just become a story to tell my grandkids.

You know how certain Grandpas like to say, "Pull my finger?"  I think I'll be the grandma that says, "Wanna see my tattoo?"

And, it won't be a little wrinkled butterfly on my ankle.

I know I have an aggressive kind of cancer with a high rate of recurrance, but I also believe Herceptin the Miracle Drug is going to give me many more years to nag my family and gross out my future grandchildren.  I fully expect to be an old lady with a sassy Betty White attitude who complains her kids never come to see her. 

And yet, despite my belief that I'll live a long life,  I was very pleased when I got a message from our HR department.  They are switching insurance companies, and I have a one-time opportunity to purchase life insurance without a medical check-up.

I think I'm going to live a long time.    But, I bought the maximum amount.

I never had life insurance before, except for whatever was free with whatever job I had.  I'm uninsurable now, but before, I was always very teenager-like in my approach to my mortality.  I would rather spend that money on shoes. 

Cancer made me practical.  $35.00 a month for $100,000 in case of my death seems like money well-spent right now.

I don't think this cancer will kill me.  But, the possibility exists.   And, I want my family protected.

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  1. I was just thinking today that I needed to talk to a financial planner this summer - and make sure I have a will and all that, to be sure that my family is protected, too. I hate thinking about that kinda stuff. But it's necessary.


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