Thursday, May 27, 2010

Reconstruction Surgery Scheduled

And, for the worst possible time, I might add. I will be having my surgery on June 8th, the last week of school for the year.

While this surgery isn't as intense as the first one, I will need a drain, and so I'll need a week recovery time, unless I want to walk around a middle school with bloody bulbs swinging out from under my clothes.

This means an unpaid week off of work. My surgical choices consisted of a date either this year or next school year, and I decided that this year was already shot, so I might as well get it over with. I can recover, get used to my new and not-improved body, and start the year with cancer mostly behind me. Next year, I will just have herceptin every three weeks and a couple of minor revisions (and nipples and tattooing if I choose to do it) that I can schedule whenever.

I'll continue to work several weeks after the students are out, but there are things due the week I'm gone so it's going to be a struggle to accomplish everything in advance.

But, I'll manage.


  1. The exchange surgery for me was last July. No drain. I hope the same for you! Recovery was nothing. Nothing at all (for me), but long term acceptance of what you termed the "new no-so-improved me" is another story. Not a walk in the park. I just wish they grew back like my hair!

  2. No drains for exchange surgery for me. Also, I have an easy fix for hiding drains if you end up with them. Wrap an ace bandage around your waist before you get dressed and tuck the drains in between the layers of the ace bandage. I used 2 after my bilateral mastectomy surgery b/c I had 3 drains but if you have just 1 or 2 drains you'll only need one ace bandage. Then put your clothes on and voila, nobody will ever know they're there except for you.


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