Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pink Starts Early

I still don't really know how I feel about Pink October. I find part of it manipulative. I also know that good money is donated to research - research that doesn't only benefit breast cancer patients. I find many of the advertisements tacky and pretty clearly designed only to encourage people to buy some crap they wouldn't normally to "help the cause." I also find it a brilliant marketing plan and applaud Komen for their success.

Heck, it's almost cool to have breast cancer these days.

It'll always be a bittersweet month for me though - I had my mastectomy last October, and so now I will forever be reminded of that fact by Pink October. Assuming, of course, one ever forgets.

I certainly won't this year, since I still have the gawd-awful expander in. I'm reminded every time I move my arm or move in bed.

However I feel about Breast Cancer Awareness month, however you feel about it, there is one thing I know: it seems to be starting earlier and earlier each year. Just like Christmas. Stores put Christmas decorations out before Halloween, and it's starting to happen with breast cancer awareness items.

Yes, it's pinking up everywhere. In magazines, on shelves, on soup cans.....and oh, by the way - on my blog.

You see, if I post the banner ad below, Dannon will - after reviewing my blog with their legal team - link back to me and feature my blog on their site.

I like that idea. I like yogurt. I support breast cancer research and awareness. So, I'm doing it. Feel free to click if you are so inclined, and ignore if you are also inclined.

Now, I just have to go through my blog and make sure that Dannon legal doesn't get upset by anything I wrote. I'm pretty sure I never dissed their yogurt. In fact, I eat it. A lot. Yogurt and fruit are my daily breakfast.

I love yogurt. I really, really do. Blueberry is my favorite, followed by Peach.

But, Doctor...I Hate Brown Nosing.


  1. LOL. It's funny. Long before I was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer, I loved teal and now that's the color....... (insert spooky music)

  2. I didn't ovarian cancer had a color! Congratulations. :) I like teal a lot better than pink.

  3. When I was first diagnosed with bc I hated the pink stuff. I did not want to be part of the 'pink' club ... now I'm ok with it. It doesn't even bother me ... I might even consider buys some stuff.

    I say pink if you like ...


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