Friday, January 28, 2011

CPT 238.1 Unc Behav Neo Soft Tissu

73220 Magnetic Resonance Imaging Any Joint Upper Extremity w/out & W Contrast-73220 REQR

73222 MRI Any Joint of upper extremity; w/contrast REQR
77002 Flouroscopic Gude for Needle placement Narpos
23340 Injection for shoulder x-ray - 23350 AA

Those were the diagnostic codes I received in the mail today - after my 73220 MRI. Yes, I said after because I got a phone call this morning at 8:30. Apparently, this MRI required a radiologist in attendance to read the first films to find out if I needed contrast for the second set or not.

No radiologist is going to work on Saturday.


My nice boss said, "Go" and so I did. I signed in by 9:30 and got it over with. Back in the old familiar tube, back to the rhythmic noises, back to sleeping in machines. No contrast was necessary and I returned to the office by 11:00. They said they would fax my doctor the results immediately, so I would find out today - same day service.

I tried to figure out: was the decision to not have contrast good news? Or, is it bad news? I decided it was probably good news, since they didn't need to see details they probably didn't need to treat it.

But, I wasn't sure.

By 2:30, my anxiety was building up, and I decided I didn't want to wait and so I called my doctor. He wasn't there but a PA would call me right back, and so she did.

After speaking to her, I called my oldest son, and told him he got a reprieve. For, if the news had come out differently, I would have expected him to begin the job of making me a grandbaby immediately. As it is, while the full report has not come in, it does not appear to be metastatic cancer.

No immediate grandbaby making necessary.

Off the rollercoaster until the next time. And, I know there will be a next time, there always is in this rotten, Sword of Damocles disease.

I think breast cancer should be one of Dante's circles of hell, perhaps replacing lust, which really isn't all that bad. Any disease that creates the terms "scanxiety" which is completely descriptive and gag-inducing at the same time, deserves it's very own circle.

Now I can go about my life, clutching my shoulder, swearing, wincing and gulping pain meds. Such a relief!

I am ready for my 73222, 77002,23350 for my 840.7 Superior Glenoid Labram Lesions though. Ouch!



  1. That picture was evocative. I understood the walking through a dark wood, the nervous glances over your shoulder.

    I wasn't nervous about the mammogram. I kind of had a feeling it wasn't going to be good news. It wasn't. It wasn't bad news either. Not yet. There is something growing in the tumor bed of the previous cancer. Further testing needed.

    Like I said, that picture? Evocative...

  2. Well put, Ann. I'm halfway through radiation and am already having those feelings of the shadows creeping up behind me. I enjoy your sense of humor in the face of it and am relieved for you as well.

  3. I've been thinking about you all day and was hoping you had written something about how the MRI went.... and here you had it yesterday! I don't even know you personally, but feel like I can breath a sigh of relief now.
    I'm sorry that your shoulder is causing you such pain... physically and emotionally.
    That art piece really does a good job of depicting what it feels like to wonder what's coming next... thanks for finding words and art to help shift thru the chaos of breast cancer.

  4. Oh my gosh!! HUGE AND HEAVY SIGH OF RELIEF for you. That picture is so perfect, it's definitely frame worthy.

  5. The result waiting was always painful.But when it is about your life disease and it is about life and death then the waiting gets hard and impatient.keep good hope and while you are here enjoy your being.


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