Sunday, June 10, 2012

I'm fine

I lied when I said I wouldn't post that I was fine.

I'm fine.

I don't know what happened. I am going to see my doctor tomorrow. My teeth hurt, all of them, so maybe it's some weird chemo side effect? But, I am up and about like nothing happened. I even went shopping today. So odd.

Anyway, I'm bored with me. Want to see something cute?

This is my oldest son's girlfriend. They have been together for 7 years so I think it's safe to say that she could end up producing a grandchild for me. Which would be an unbelievably cute child, and which I would totally love and am looking forward to. And, I would babysit every day if necessary. Of course, I'd buy lots and lots of adorable clothes for the child. And, practical stuff, like diapers, too. But mostly toys, many, many toys. And those teeny little shoes that are really socks. And hats, me and the baby could be twins in wearing hats. And, of course, there would be zoo trips, and park trips, and we would often go get ice cream and go to the river and even Disneyland. I totally love my grandchild, and the baby is going to be super cute, and I am going to have so much fun with that child and spoil him or her - but in a good way, the way a grandmother is supposed to. With clothes and toys and lots of babysitting and little trips everywhere, like to pick blueberries, and the toy store, and to fairs, and then just do quiet things like read books.

But, no pressure.

You know how you try to raise your children to do things in the right order? Finish school, get a good job, then get married, then produce children?

That has backfired on me. My son took it seriously, and is doing it in that order.

Fortunately, he is now nearly done with school and has already begun his career in HVAC repair. He was always a mechanical child. I couldn't be prouder.

Well, unless I had a grandchild, of course.

But, no pressure.


  1. Ann, you do know what your adorable grandchild is going to do with a tub full of blueberries, don't you?

    Glad you are feeling better.

  2. I love that my blogroll "rearranges" itself with those who've most recently posted on top of the list. It's helps this chemobrain keep up.....

    I also love, that unlike me, some of you can let me know right within the title the most important piece of info. "I'm fine" put a big smile on my face. I was worried about you....

    As for your son..... at least you HAVE a shot at grandkids. My son is doing things the right way, too.... and has announced he's "never having kids" ..... Apparently, my parenting skills may have been less than stellar??? Seriously, I think he just enjoys his single life a bit too much!

    I'm going to start applying some pressure.... After all, isn't that what we (moms) have been placed on this earth to do????

    Love to you..


  3. Well, for your sake, I hope you get that grandchild! Your son owes it to you, eh? LOL Loved the post.

  4. So glad to hear you're feeling better!

  5. I have hope for a grandchild, too. Isn't it grand just to dream about them? With no pressure? Even if it takes a bit longer than we'd hoped? I'm glad you are fine and, like me, are looking forward to such future milestones. xx

  6. Ann, I'm so glad you're OK. Yippee!

  7. Hi Ann, I have been blog stalking you for a while and I'm so glad to hear you are ok that I thought I'd comment! Lol about doing things in the 'right' order, I pretty much reversed that list much to the dismay of my mother ;)
    Take care!

  8. Nobody else has commented on it, but your son's girlfriend talks like you write. It's hilarious. I laughed at both of you. Grandbabies are the BEST, and I can say this on authority, because I have a grandbaby. In fact he's coming over today, and I can't wait, because I founded the coolest darn toy ever, and want to play with it.

    The blueberries? Grandmotherly hint: do this outside, with a kiddy wading pool to play in when you are done. The kiddy wading pool has saved my ass. This is how you get kids clean without making them think that you are the OCD grandma with fetishes about 'clean'.

  9. I don't think any of my grandchildren are going to think I have a clean fetish. :) But, good plan on the blueberries. I hope my sister is reading because she took her grandbabies blueberry picking - that's where I got the idea.

    My son AND his girlfriend are very funny people. My son has a quick wit. He can do it verbally - I can only do it in writing. If you meet me, you are going to think, "God, she's boring."

    But my grandbaby will love me. I went shopping the other day and walked by baby clothes and thought, "should I buy some, just in case?" Hmmm.....

  10. Speaking as the aforementioned girlfriend, I think you're safe in not buying them for awhile. Sorry, Ann. ;)

  11. Ann,
    Loved the video. She's very funny!

    Timely post for me as my daughter just got married this past weekend. Do kids still do things in the "correct" order anymore? Now the waiting begins for a grandchild for me too I guess! I think I might be waiting a while as she told me she wasn't sure about babies and kids...

    No pressure! I totally get that. Glad you're feeling fine, except for the tooth.

  12. We love your sense of humor! Glad to see you are doing well. We celebrate the gift of life and our mission is to try to help others enjoy it as much as possible. Learn more about what we do here:

  13. I love your sense of humor, too. And I get the "no pressure." I'm still waiting for grandchildren, but am so proud of my sons no matter what. xx


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