Monday, July 9, 2012

BlogTalkRadio Today

Just a quick reminder that at 2:00 pm California time, 5:00 Eastern, I will be hosting a talk show. The topic is chemotherapy, Tips, Tricks, and boy does it suck.

Click on this link to find the show.  Just click on the arrow in the player to start it at 2:00.  Tweet it to all your friends and those you know are stuck doing chemo.

Last week there were bugs, and I couldn't see my callers.  I tested it yesterday, corralling all my family to call in, and I could see them so hopefully it was just a strange, one-time thing.  If you call to talk to me, all I can see is your phone number so I'll put you on the air using the last four digits.  If you join the chat room, say "hi" with your number and tell me what you want to talk about and that way I can put you on at the right time.

Speaking of bugs,  I keep changing that photo in the player and it won't stay changed! And, the URL shows up always for the Newly Diagnosed and the show is for anybody with breast cancer, so ignore that until I can fix  it.

I am posting today because some folks didn't seem to be able to find it last week, but don't worry, this will not be a regular blog post and I promise not to pimp the show every week - how boring is that?  If you miss it, no worries:  right on my blog is the podcast of last week's show and as the shows grow, that white space underneath will fill with the topics I've done so you can catch up.

 I don't know if you can listen live by clicking on that link - let me know if you can!

In the future, make sure you "like" me on facebook for updates when the show is live.  Next week's topic will be Metastatic Breast Cancer so I know a lot of people will be interested in that.

This is still an experiment and I may give it up but talking to other cancer patients and helping out newbies is one of the things on my bucket list and this is the way I can do it.  So, tune in!


  1. Boo hoo.... I can't tune in for more than five minutes.... Have an appt at 5:30. Break a leg... is that the right terminology for radio?

    Big hugs...


  2. Darn, I wish I had known this yesterday. I would have tuned in while getting chemo!
    Are they taped?


  3. Ellana, they are recorded. You can even listen in this blog. In the first oclumn, upper right, is the blue talk radio box. Click on the player there to hear. You can see the two shows I've done in the grey/black areas so you can even pick which one to listen to. :)


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