Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sponsored Video: More Birthdays

As you all (should) know, I support two charities in the fight against Breast Cancer.   One, that I just wrote about, is Stand Up 2 Cancer for their pure research. The other is the American Cancer Society.  They do research as well, but they are also big on supporting cancer patients individually.

How do they do that? They put on the Look Good, Feel Better classes, which are so important to those of us who are doing chemo for the first time. They provide money that will go towards a wig reimbursement. They provide gas money for rides to doctor's offices, and they have classes for cancer patients on the subject of nutrition, emotional health, and so much more. I have called them with questions myself, and every time have gotten a live person to answer my question, with no hold time.

And a kind live person, one who, if they didn't know the answer, found out rather than giving you the runaround.

They also provide information and statistics that I have used hundreds of times on this blog and for supporting research.  Each spring, during chemo, I have received daffodils in my infusion center to brighten my day.   They put on the famous Relay for Life which goes directly to support people with cancer.  At some point on my bucket list is a goal to sponsor a "But Doctor I Hate Pink" Relay for Life team.   Back in the early, frightening days of a new diagnosis, the American Cancer Society was the group that provided me with the most help and information, and I will never forget it.

The ACS catch phrase is "more birthdays" and they work on that with ongoing research, but what they also do is make the birthdays you have left enjoyable, managable ones, by supporting you and educating you and actually helping you.   A big plus - they are not focused on breast cancer alone, or "awareness."  They will help my uncle with Prostate Cancer, my Aunt with Lung Cancer, and they surely have helped somebody in your family and if they haven't, well, you are pretty lucky.

Of all the charities out there, this is the only one I have personally benefited from. You can see how I feel about ACS in former posts about them here and here and here.  So, while I have just asked you to donate to Stand Up 2 Cancer, I also would like you to consider donating to the ACS.

The world does need more birthdays.

This post is sponsored by the ACS, but don't think that I don't mean what I say.


  1. <3 ACS - as I'm currently wearing my purple survivor shirt from this year's Relay for Life in May 2012.

    More birthdays for all of us is good...

  2. I've looked on the ACS website but can't find where they help with gas to doctor visits or infusion visits. Can u help?

  3. Anon, here is the best link for you to use:


    It will lead you to supportive programs in your area. You can also call them up and they will help you. You have to drive a certain distance per year to get the gas card but as I recall, it wasn't very much. You can also find out about their help getting coverage for wigs too.

    Try this number: 1-800-227-2345. They are really nice and can help you with whatever is available in your area. I think I called them and they told me about the gas program, I didn't see it online. They sent me a $25.00 gas card, which was handy.

    Good luck!

  4. Oh, and here is another link:


    Put in your zip code and click on "assistance" and it comes up with all sorts of help.

  5. I think it is awesome that the ACS sponsored a post on your blog.

  6. I know, right? I think so too! Please everybody, watch the video so they do it again! :)

  7. I've considered supporting ACS instead of another BC organization which I won't name. I like the fact they support all cancers as well as more of the money goes to research. In addition, cancer research in one area often benefits another especially hormonal breast and prostate cancer. In any case, I do believe it is a mission better served together rather than separately.

  8. Thanks Ann for the links n phone numbers! Really helpful!


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