Saturday, February 9, 2013

Meet Joel, Another Soul Pancake Production

Soul Pancake has a new video up, and this one is a heart-breaker.

While I was profiled for this show, as were others, the people you are about to watch below are the real heroes. As hard as it is for me to manage, and as much slips away from me day-to-day, I know it's thousand times harder for my family to watch than for me to experience. Every day I get weaker and sicker but I am an adult.  To helplessly watch catastrophic disease and illness happening to a child, your child, can be nothing short of torture.

And yet, this family finds grace in the horror.  The strength and love for Joel as shown by this family, the way they stand strong for him and their other children in the face of every parent's nightmare demonstrates immense power and love that all can learn from.

I wish them more miracles and endless love.

I know they'll get the love. In fact, I know they have the love.


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  1. Oh my, so sad. What an incredible family. I lost my six year old nephew to a brain tumour - he would now be 18. I hope this little soul has plenty of fun and laughter still to come. x
    Ann in England.

  2. this is a brave, loving, and inspirational family of four boys. i am the mother of four girls. i was diagnosed in december with bc. this family has shown so sensitively the love that can rise from the ashes and fear. i'm grateful for your sharing. your blog is always an inspiration. it's beautiful how the father here says even if joel doesn't change the world, he's changed my world. (and mine also this morning) i've realized great benefit from the sharing of others who have blogged re their experiences with cancer, so decided to begin my own. i hope to be of help to someone somehow also. thanks so much. katy

  3. Another beautiful recording. But how strong must you have to become to watch a child go through this. His family should take a lot of strength and comfort from the knowledge that in every moment of Joel's life, all he has known is the strongest of love, and that's so much more than any of us can ask. My heart goes out to them and hope beyond hope that there are miracles out there.

  4. I watched it this morning; it's beautiful. Yours is, too. Thanks for sharing your story.

  5. Beautiful. I cried so hard for this family. He has changed my world.

  6. I cannot find the emotional strength to watch the video, or read all of your blogs. My beloved sister has been diagnosed with bc, and it is too much for me to bear to read your entire blog right now. She is lucky; hers seems treatable, but she is very scared, the whole family is. I am closest to her, and so very sad. I am even more sad to think about all the children, and adults, who have had to deal with cancer and may not have the ability to fight and win. I only wanted to tell you how much you and all the others are in my prayers daily. May you have peace, and happiness still, and be surrounded by those who love you. I am a nurse by trade, and a writer and have taken care of many stricken; I have worked hospice and know the routine, but nothing can say how heart sick I am for anyone who suffers as a result of cancer. My own problems and physical ailments seem so minuscule compared to what you all go through, If I only had a magic wand. I send you all love, encouragement, peace and hope, strength and happiness. You are so brave, so very very brave. If I only had an ounce of this courage! With kindest regards.

  7. Ann, we met on BCO and I've been following your blog for months. To say I'm sorry for your recent physical and mental pain (and fury) sounds like a paltry understatement. No one should have to go through this, and I'm relived that you're dropping chemo in favor off TDM1 and hope like hell that it works quickly and effectively for you!

    I was also wondering whethe ryou might consider consulting with a Naturopathic Oncologist who may be helpful in assisting your body recover, at least to a degree. I'm doing so long-distance and forward him my test results and medical records. The consultation and supplements he recommends can be a bit expensive, but if it's affordable and if it begins to enable you to feel a bit better, it may be worth considering.

    I hope things get easier for you from here on, and wish you clean sheets, happy planning for your son's college, and pain-free days and nights.

    - Anne (Bestbird)


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