Monday, January 20, 2014

Last Few Hours to Vote!

This is the last few hours to vote or me in Healthline's Best Blog Contest.  It ends tonight at midnight and I'm neck and neck with my competition.  If you have enjoyed my blog, please vote.

You can vote with facebook or twitter, either one.  It will NOT spam you or use your account in any way so you can feel safe letting them access it.

Now is the time!  Thank you!

Head on over to my facebook page to see a video I made thanking everybody who voted.  I can't seem to insert it here so you can find it on  

(FYI:  I am going to delete this blog post tomorrow and put up a proper note  - but we have until midnight CA time so vote!)


  1. I think its funny how your competition has been posting to both her blog,facebook blog, her own personal facebook and having other lowcarb blogs post to vote for her and you are still in the lead...good for you..

  2. You can vote with Facebook and Twitter, so vote twice. The website indicates it is okay to vote using both apps.


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