Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Thank You - and a Recipe

I heard from Healthline and they have declared me the winner of the 2013 Best Blog Contest. I again thank you all from the bottom of my heart.  (The top too, why not?)   Because, it wasn't me who won, I just get the cash!  (Well, actually, my son's future college will.)  It was you, with your support and loyalty, voting every day, who handed me the win.   In return, all I can be is grateful, and I am.  It is very hard to describe the warmth I felt as I saw people rooting for me all over the internet, cheering me on, pushing their networks to vote. Indescribable really.

I realized that however the contest came out,  I was a winner.   I don't want to be maudlin but this is something I am going to remember no matter how sick I get - that there are people out there who have never met me and never will, who are rooting me on.  It is quite an uplifting thought and one that will see me through some hard times to come.

It was a hard-fought race with a lot of technical difficulties (I couldn't even vote for myself using facebook) and I won by a hair at the very last minute, which was very exciting and a bit stressful!  I congratulate Maria's Nutritious and Delicious for going neck-and-neck with me to the bitter end. She was a worthy opponent and I wish her the best.  She has a nice site and great recipes, and I hope you'll check her out, as well as the other contestants, who all deserve to be there.  There are some amazing blogs in that list, and I hope in the coming days, you'll take some time to browse through them.  And, of course, continue keeping up with Healthline as they have articles on a wide variety of health topics.  I often go to them first when I am trying to figure something out.

I promised you all a recipe if I won.  So, below is one I keep on my kitchen wall:

It's not a recipe without chocolate, yes?  :)  

Thanks, my friends.

Back to cancer as usual!  :)  


  1. Congratulations Ann! You deserve this... your blog is the best!

  2. So happy for your win Ann! You write so well and so deserve that recognition!

  3. Congratulations!!! Best of health and happiness to you and your family in 2014!!!

  4. So HAPPY you won. I was concerned when I saw that Low-carb blogger Jimmy Moore had endorsed Maria. I left a comment on his website asking his followers to at least give your blog a look before voting.

  5. I'm glad you won. I'm happy with my paltry 24 votes or so as well.

  6. Yay!! I tried to go on as often as I could remember (granted, these brain cells are getting old) and I'm SO HAPPY you've won!! Keep writing, keep fighting! Lots of love from Cambridge, MA

  7. congratulations on the victory of Healthline's Best Health Blog
    Contest of 2013. In our website we talked about it with a post http://meditationrelaxclub.com/healthlines-best-health-blog-2013-contest-and-the-winner-is/ Congratulations again and see you soon!


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