Saturday, August 23, 2014

My Bid for SXSW - New Video and Vote!

Have you voted for me to be on a Panel at SXSW yet?  David Kopp from Healthline and I want to talk about what it would take to reach for a cure for cancer, and what today's modern, empowered patient can do to help achieve that goal.  Surprise, dumping a bucket of water on your head is not part of the plan!  

To vote for me start by going here:

Create your account.

They will send you a confirmation email.  Once you click on confirm, you can vote for me here:

Click the thumbs up icon to the left.

Also, if you have a registered Disqus account, you can log in with that and leave me a comment. If you answer some of the above questions in the comments I can include your viewpoint in what I say at the SXSW panel.  I will be acting to represent all cancer patients, not just myself, so your point of view is important to me.

For some reason, I couldn't do a direct YouTube link to the video in this blog, so I had to save it and then reupload it.  If you want to commont on YouTube, click here:

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