Thursday, August 28, 2014

Save Your Brows - Tip for Chemo!

If you are starting chemo for the first time, or have just started it, this video is for you.  It is my very own invention, and if there was any way to make money on it, I would. I do, after all, have a child starting college in one month.

And is that ever going to be a blog post.  A long, whiny, tear-filled post.  And I won't even be talking about the money.  Yet.

Anyway, since there is no way to capitalize on this idea, I figured I would just help a cancer sister (or brother) out.  In return, please like this video and/or subscribe to my YouTube channel.    I think it's time to prove that YouTube is not just the realm of the young, beautiful and well-lit, don't you? Why can't the old and sick have sponsors and fights with other YouTubers and all that fun stuff?

Typically, if you are on a chemo that causes hair loss (and not all do) your body hair falls out first, and the eyelashes and the eyebrows are the last to go.  You may be lucky and keep some of your brows but if so, they will look like vague shadows of their former selves and will not be defined enough to recreate them well.

My eyelashes hung in there - two of them.  They looked like spikes sticking out of my lids. Why I didn't pull them out I don't know; maybe it's the same reason I kept one of my breasts.  I wanted a souvenir of what had been.

But then why don't I dye my hair back to its "real" color?  Life is a mystery, girls.

Please share this tip because I do believe it will be helpful for many a cancer newbie;  they might appreciate it more than you know.  Losing your hair is something we can manage and deal with but losing your eyebrows and lashes - that is what really makes you look sick.

Even at the "look good, feel better" class I didn't see this idea mentioned and hey, they taught us to make a hat out of an old tee shirt!

I do believe it is my great contribution to cancer society.


  1. Ann, you seem like such an upbeat and kind person. And what a beautiful, radiant smile. God bless you!!


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