Friday, October 23, 2015

In the Stream

I was on a live TV, web streaming show called The Stream yesterday.  It was an interesting experience.  Perhaps not my best interview, as it was done via Skype.  I had so much more to say! There was some lag so I could not hear when the other women were finishing speaking, and I could not see the other women because I had to look at my camera and not the screen.  Looks like some had the same issue as you could see us fiddling with our earbuds.

The messaging is important so while maybe not my finest technical interview, it's worth sharing!

Thanks to The Stream for having me on.


  1. Amazing Woman

    God Bless the amazing woman,
    The one who hears the words.
    We need to do further testing.

    This challenges her life,
    Her Being, her belief in who she is.
    Her world changes.

    On the other side of scars and drugs,
    That sicken her.
    She comes out strong.

    The Amazing Woman,
    She continues on
    all the while knowing what is gone.

  2. Anne, You were wonderful! Thank you.

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