Monday, March 28, 2016

Chemo Infusion Room Etiquette - Mets Monday Video

Enjoy the latest video.  I'm having fun making these.  I have several ideas for future ones (and yes, son, I will try to speed them up a little).  Feel free to post suggestions for any you'd like to see below. (Don't worry, I'll still be writing as well.)

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I also want to thank all of you whom are using my blog as your jump off point for Amazon shopping. It is the only money I make for writing the blog and it really helps me to have a few dollars in the Amazon account for free spending.  


  1. Ah, chemo rooms. Where I go, they actually have separate cubes for each patient, separated by walls on three sides. The front is open to the nursing station and has a privacy curtain. Each room has an individual tv/radio which you can plug ear phones into. Sleeping is a big option there. When I was in chemo, my husband would come with me and we would bring a small portable scrabble board. We would play scrabble and until the drugs kicked in and all I could no longer come up with words.
    I sometimes go with my father on his monthly infusion (its so long the drugs wear off and he can drive himself home) and he sleeps the entire time.

  2. Ann, this is fabulous. You're really learning how to take the sense of humor that shines through in your writing and put it into a new form.

    1. Thank you! Best compliment ever! I'm a person who needs to learn new things...but want my personality to show. Writing is relatively easy-this is hard! So I'm glad I can do something hard and still have me shine through. :). Appreciate the comment.

  3. This is great, I go up to people sometimes and ask "what are you in for?"


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