Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Video: You could get hit by a BUS!

I am having fun and keeping myself busy (very important for somebody with metastatic breast cancer) by learning to make videos.  I am trying to keep to a schedule and upload one every Monday, aka Mets Monday.  If I don't give myself a deadline, I don't do things.

They are silly and unprofessional, but I am just learning.  It's slightly irritating that I'm struggling to figure out how to make something that my kid, and pretty much every kid, knows how to do instinctually by age 9.  How do these young people just know this stuff, anyway?  My son once created a stop-motion video of a puzzle game putting itself together, and he did it quickly and perfectly - pretty much the first time he ever made a video.  He just shrugged when I was amazed.  It would take me weeks to figure that out, and I can't even blame chemo-brain here.  As much as I want to blame every mental mistake or bit of slowness on chemo-brain, there are times I have to admit that I'm just suffering from being in my 50s.  Now my child is off in college and is waaaay too busy to teach me how to use this software, so I hobble along on slow, misfiring synapses.

Ancient mom brain aside, the videos should get better as time goes by, assuming I stay interested (and stay healthy and alive). As you may have guessed by now, (because I've told you) I am very ADD and jump from interest to interest as health allows.  I like to learn new things.  I like to help people understand what it is like to live with cancer.  So my goal here is not to become YouTube famous (yes, that is a real thing, and if you start watching, there is a lot of drama among the big players, just like watching Real Housewives).  My goal is is to reach cancer patients and their friends and families in a visual way rather than in writing.  Sadly, not everybody reads. So if you think somebody needs to hear this, feel free to hit that share button.

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel so you can be notified when I upload a new one.  I don't post them all here.


  1. So many people do not understand what a cancer diagnosis, or metastatic cancer diagnosis means. They have no clue. When I tell someone I have been diagnosed with cancer twice, I do not like it when they say 'I'm sorry'. I prefer it when they 'well that really sucks'. But the hug is nice.

  2. I find your videos honest and with a charm that is sweet and true to who you are, and the artwork fits it perfectly.
    and yes I prefer a hug, a sorry and "that really SUCKS"

  3. Hello, I stumbled across your blog while doing Lobular research. I was curious about your mets. Are the liver mets from ILC or IDC?

    1. It's interesting, but it didn't specify in the liver biopsy report. I imagine that the treatment is the same so it's not a focus. Most of the cancer in the breast was IDC with mixed lobular/invasive features. I only had some slight lobular invasion, so I would guess IDC. I think once it metastasizes the treatments are the same. However, lobular tends to spread to different areas than IDC and I did have abdominal spread after the liver spread, which may be be a lobular characteristic. But to be frank, I have not thought about it at all, perhaps somebody knows more than I do.


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