Monday, January 11, 2010

Me, bald

Somebody kept asking me on YouTube to show my hair now, after the last video of it falling out. So what the hell, I'll show you too.


  1. Love the mohawk! You should dye it and gel it so it stands up more!

  2. With your nice smile and big eyes you look beautiful bald. And the wig is great, btw.

    I am just two steps behind you. I'm 4 days past my second TCH and I figure I'll be buzzing down to a quarter inch tomorrow or the next day. I've had some trouble letting go but like you say, it's just too damn messy.

  3. you look great! you don't need a wig - you look great bald. I rocked the bald look without wigs and got so many comments (positive) for doing so. Recent trip to the oncologist and I found a few more ladies there bald (who previously wore hats/wigs in) and I asked them why the change of heart and I was so touched when a couple of them said I inspired them to proudly display their beautiful bald domes :). it raises awareness too - making people think about it when they may otherwise not have. but, do what you're most comfortable doing. I found a few rare situations I used the hat with hair so the focus was not on me - like when hanging out with the young girl I mentor - but mostly I went "commando" heehee :)

  4. Hey, mangy is the new black, didn't you hear? It's all over WWD.

    Rock on, my bald friend.



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