Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Me, Guest Blogger

I was asked to write a post on a new breast cancer blog. This is a magazine-style blog, with writers, newsy bits, social networking/twitter feeds and commentary. It's a valuable and entertaining addition to the breast cancer blogging community, and I was happy to share my thoughts with them.

You can read my article here at Join Our Loop.

While there, stay and browse.


  1. Great article! I'll have to bookmark to save for browsing on another day. My blog reading is beginning to morph into something uncontrollable, but it's all good.

  2. Great article Ann! It is really neat to read how one can inspire others by your words. And as you suggested it is a neat site.

  3. Thank you Ann. You are one of my major inspirations!

  4. A great article - the help-from-others is definitely cancer's greatest silver lining, for me. (Wow, this sounds familiar - I think I just posted that!)

    So glad to see you're getting read all over; congrats on the exposure!


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