Saturday, January 23, 2010

The State of my Bosom(s)

I suppose I should update you with the progress of my breast reconstruction. I have had my third saline injection into my tissue expander, AKA as "fill."

I have retired my "foob." There is enough saline in the expander to create the look of a sorta breast thing-a-mabob.

In clothes, that is. Outside of clothes, it looks like something is growing on my chest that shouldn't. I hope an alien doesn't pop out and try to kill me.

I am wearing a regular bra and now am padding my good side because, like I said before, I'm getting that baby's head look. My right, missing breastical area is high and round and my left side looks like a 51 year old old who has hit menopause. So far, the padding/propping is fixing the external appearance, but I sure hope the scarf across the chest look is in for a while, because after the next fill, I think I'm going to have no choice but to rock that trend.

Houndstooth Square Shawl, Black and White

Although, you never see the scarf across the chest AND across the head on What Not to Wear. I guess I won't be hearing Stacy tell me to "shut the front door," at least for a while.

One another front (well, actually it's the same front but different topic) Monday, I go in for a cyst aspiration. Considering how big the cysts in my remaining breast are, this should deflate me like a balloon. I might have to get the foob out for the good side, who knows? The cysts have grown so big that sleeping on my real side is like sleeping on a bag of rocks, and is worse than the tissue expander side, so I'm glad to have it done. They said to block off the entire afternoon for the procedure, which makes me really happy. It's been 1 1/2 weeks since I spent an entire afternoon having medical tests and procedures. I was beginning to feel like a wallflower.

So, that's the State of my Bosom(s). God Bless America.



  1. Good luck at the aspiration. What a lovely way to spend a whole afternoon. Gah.

  2. I spent almost 5 months with my soccer ball expander, and mine was a true baby's head just below my left colar bone so I was definitely not balanced with one up and one several inches down - quite a sight, but for some reason I didn't go nutty with the crazy look. At the time of my mastectomy, my PS did a reduction of my right breast (best decision and not at all painful)so that now that I do have my final silicon implant - my November gift - I'm really sort of a matched set and both are heading out! He knew what he was trying to match. I'm doing well with my implant and can actually find an "off the shelf" bra that works for both girls, though it took a bit of trying on to find the right one. Hang in there. You will get through this!............Betty

  3. Wow, yet another synergy between us: TLC addicts who love WNTW. I swear we're related. My sister lives in Folsom...

    Keep smiling!


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