Thursday, July 28, 2011

The BIG Day is coming

Navy Bean to the Rescue

I have my CT scan - the one that determines if my liver tumors have shrunk, on August 8th.

I see my oncologist to find out the news on the 17th.

Which is exactly two years to the date I was originally diagnosed with cancer.

I don't know what that means. Is it a sign? I mean, would it be if I believed in signs?

I was scheduled to have the CT tomorrow, until I realized that date still left several weeks until my doctor's appointment. I'd be missing chemo treatments that would keep whatever shrinkage I hope is going on - going on. So, I rescheduled. The more chemo, the better because right now, I'm assuming those good American Navy Beans are blasting those evil fascist cancer cells to kingdom come.

My rescheduling added one extra round of Navelbine before CT-day.

My nerves will be wracked until then.



  1. I'm praying for the best result possible. The waiting is so very hard. I'm still waiting for tests to see what has caused chest pains. I can't believe you get the results exactly two years after you were diagnosed. An interesting sign, but I'm not sure what it means.
    Hugs your way,

  2. Ugh. I h.a.t.e. waiting! But, best to make the most of each day, right?

    'Course, I don't know how much navelbine is getting in the way of all that. How ARE you feeling, Ann? I'm not familiar with the side effects from this Navy Bean variety.. I hope your back is giving you a break and you're feeling more good than not.

    Hugs and good thoughts for you...

  3. No kidding. I hate scanxiety. It's the worst thing ever.

    I hope chemo is blasting all the cancer cells out of your body!

    Good luck on your appointment.

    1. 'Scanxiety'? I love that! We need words like that in the Oxford dictionary.

  4. Aren't all these dates mind boggling? Hoping you get the best possible results and good luck keeping your nerves in check too.

  5. Ann, here's hoping that your tumors have shrunk as much as my khaki shorts did when my helpful husband last did the laundry... : )

    Mary/Last Call For Margaritas

  6. I'd like you to know that Aug. 8th is the a big day for me as well. I have symptoms in common with you that have concerned me. My own oncologist says that there is nothing to be concerned about. I've been reading your blog and was a little shocked at your oncologists response that those symptoms should not be ignored. Following your story, and your results was devastating to me, but it also galvanized me. I have my first oncology visit with the new place. I've left the woods and gone to the big city for treatment. In telling my oncologist that I was leaving, and that I was concerned about the belly bloat and the bone pain, she just looked at me flatly. She said nothing. It made me know that I am right to go elsewhere. Of course, I'll pray for you on August 8th, because when I pray for one of us, I find that I am praying for all of us.

    Thanks for your straightforwardness.

  7. Mary, lol, too funny. :)

    Anon, my thoughts will be with you. All symptoms should be checked out if you have had cancer. Just so you know though, the bloating isn't due to the liver mets - that was an incidental finding. Tamox can cause bone pain so if you are on that, it's a possibility. But, it has to be checked out, so good luck on the 8th.

    As for the Navy Beans, except for killing my blood and making me take Leukine, it's an easy chemo. It does cause all-over body/muscular ache but that's pretty much the only SE. I could stay on this one for years if I had to.

  8. hang in there - waiting is the worst, but I like the choice you made to have another round of chemo first

  9. I hope you have the best possible results. Yes, the waiting game is really stinky. Just terrifying.

    Let's hope those "fascist" tumors hit the highway.


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