Sunday, July 10, 2011

Read My Blog from Start to Finish - Easily!

I notice that newly diagnosed women find my blog and read the entire thing, from start to finish, which is quite the commitment - particularly with Blogger's setup - you have to go into the archives and click on each month, scroll down, read up, start again after seven posts... It's a big hassle if you want to read it all.

Of course, I'm worth it.

But, so are you readers.  To save you all time,  I found a hack that enabled me to put the each post in order, from start to finish and it should update automatically.  I put it on the top pages, above the Aqua Delight ad, and it's called Chronological Posts, (clever, I know).  But, since we're all about saving time - here is a link for you.

Even though I only put the titles, it may load slowly if you have an older connection, so beware.  There is a lot of content.

Also, to do this, I had to shorten my RSS feed, so I apologize to those of you who were reading that way.  But, I now have two feeds (I know, weird) and the feedburner feed is the full version, so you might just switch to feedburner.

I hope this helps some of you!  If you are interested in implementing this hack on your own site, instructions are at:  Too Clever by Half.

And, of course, if you encounter any issues, let me know.


  1. YOur writing is terrific....insightful and helpful. I hope you keep it up! I read your blog start to finish the hard way but so glad that there is an easier way. God bless you . Jane Gray Creston BC

  2. You are worth reading....every single word!


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