Saturday, August 6, 2011

Self-check is important

For everybody.

From my new favorite website.

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  1. I absolutely LOVED this video! And it was so appropriate for today. I am a breast cancer "survivor", kinda hate that word also, and in addition my husband is a prostate and melanoma survivor ( he loves the word!). Anyway, my 19 year old son has finally revealed that he is scared he may end up with cancer. This was discussed for the first time last week. He does not however do anything proactive to keep himself extra healthy. We had an argument today about his over use of ibuprofen, and I used the cancer card to try to get him to back off on it and just live with headaches. Now that I have seen this video I really believe it will not only give him great info about self examination of his "goods", but also open the door a bit more for more dialogue about being proactive in leading a healthier lifestyle and making small changes that will help his body be in a better position to "fight" any abnormal cells that may end up in his body.
    Sorry for the rambling, I too have bad chemo brain. I found your blog today and love it. You go girl!
    P.s. I too HATED when people told me how brave I was. Lovely people, but a word that made my skin crawl!!


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