Friday, September 9, 2011

Yes, still alive!

When you keep a cancer blog and you don't post for a while, well, people start to think the worst.

But, I haven't been not posting because I'm very sick or even dead.  I've been not posting because I have energy!  The blood transfusion was remarkable.  I'd planned to write a book review, but instead, I cleaned out my closet. And, by that I mean this cheapo fashionista took every single thing out of her entire closet, bought slimline hangers and a bunch of cascading shirt and skirt hangars and reorganized everything.  I have two shirts in each space to make room, I have my skirts and  pants all cascading down in military fashion.  I now have my closet color coded, organized by season, with everything on the same size hangar!  No more mish-mash!

And, it will be easy to clean out when I am dead, if I do die,  which we could NOT have said before.

But, there's more!  I cleaned out the kitchen drawers too.  They were getting crumbs and spills and gross things and I'd open a drawer to get a spoon and think, "how gross" and then close it and then maybe nap with the spoon before I had the energy to get out my yogurt.  But, thanks to the transfusion, I took everything out, cleaned all the silverware, cleaned and lined the drawers!

But, wait, there's even more!

At some point I had taken down one of my two kitchen valences to see if I could dye them.  But, you know, cancer got in the way.  Who has the energy to dye things?  So, one was up and one was down for months.  But, not any more!  I went to BB&B and also got new valances.  And, put them up!

And, I have a new mattress topper!  So comfy.

I love this transfusion thing and have decided it needs to be a regular part of my chemo rotation.  Unfortunately, I seem to drop a point each week and I'm starting to get tired again.  But, what a great three day weekend - I did normal chores and felt normal.

But, wait, there is one more thing:   My phone rang today - at the most inconvenient time I might add, right in a meeting with my boss - and it was UCSF on the line.  

I go for my surgical consult this Monday.

Yes, Monday the 12th.

I'm trying not to think about it too much.  He could easily say, "We can't do it, your tumors are in the wrong place."  

Which, would be kind of cruel after a Sacramento to SF drive but I'm not under the illusion that doctors inspect your films ahead of time and make that decision quickly.

Especially since after work today I had to get copies of all my PETs and CTs on disk to bring with me.

I'm not a fan of San Francisco and wish this could happen in my town, but since it can't, I'll just say this:  they told me the doctor has valet parking.  Whew.

It's a good thing I cleaned out my closet, now I can find a sweater to wear in that freezing city "by the bay."


  1. Glad to hear you have energy and have your UCSF consult lined up. I used to work at UCSF, it's all over the map in SF - are you going to the hospital on Parnassus? If so and you want a lunch recommendation - check out Park Chow on 9th ave, between Irving and Lincoln.
    Good luck and safe travels!

  2. It's amazing what a little fully-stocked blood will do for a gal. Glad you're feeling well.


  3. This is about the time of year SF starts to get warm!

    You'll still probably want a sweater, though.

  4. Finding a place for lunch was mentioned! :) It's on Divisidero.

    Oh, I will definitely bring a sweater, especially since I got a pretty one for my anniversary. I hate going to the City and experiencing those 50 degree temperature changes between the two cities. How many times have I forgotten the difference and froze my arse off in SF? Too many.

  5. I hope the SF doc has good news for you. I am near Chicago, the City by the (rather large) Lake--not nearly as exciting as the City by the Bay.
    So glad that you got to do 'normal' stuff, I know how good that feels after weeks of not being able to get to the things that are sitting on the back burner. Or, in my case, there are so many things on the back burner that they have migrated to the crawl space burner. Good luck with your consult!! Mary/Last Call for Margaritas

  6. Holy moly ... can you come help me clean out my closets/drawers? I'm so impressed with your rush of energy!
    Hoping the consult goes well. I will be thinking of you!

  7. I have already found out that when you have so many Drs appointments and tests , people start worrying that somethings wrong of you're not doing well.'I am so glad to hear the transfusion did you so much good and you've been cleaning closets and things.
    Saying prayers and thinking good thoughts for good news

  8. Hooray for closet re-org and drawer clean-outs. Being productive is great therapy! And an extra hooray for doctors with valet parking. Things are looking up, my friend!

  9. Glad to hear that you had some good days with lots of energy! What a blessing to feel better ... to have enough energy to clean your closet! Keeping you in my prayers! Thanks for posting!

  10. OIh energy, how we love thee! Glad you are feeling the red blood cell boost. Thanks, too, for the closet inspiration!


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