Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Dental Appointment - Sedation Dentistry

10 milligrams of Valium in at 10:00 pm the night before.  Watch Sons of Anarchy, polish nails, then go to bed.

Wake up at 6:45, take Halcion at 7:00.  Read paper, take bath.  Make it to appointment at 8:00, carrying mini-cheesecakes for all the nice office people.

They give you more medication, and I was about a three on the sleepiness scale.  Then they give you even more. This stuff is lorazapam, (I think, not sure) crushed and goes under the tongue.  I think I had three different kinds of "apams" in one day, plus other stuff too. 

Once they started the dental procedures, I was pretty out of it.  I drifted in and out of sleep.  They also put the nitrous thing on me, so I got an extra dose of  gas.

They were done with me at 2:30.  My entire face was completely numb and I couldn't swallow. Or even close my mouth. Looked like something out of a horror show, trails of bloody spit dangling from my loose lower lip.

Despite warnings not to, I've been sleeping ever since.  It's 7:30 pm now and my husband just made me get up to eat some eggs.

I think I'll remember what I already remember.  Which is mostly fading in and out of consciousness while they did their work.  Saying "open wider" and "give her more meds" and feeling some shots going in, which still hurt despite all the drugs.

I am in a bit of pain now, they really went to town in there!

Sometime while I was an my drug-induced coma, Dr. Raja's office called. I have an appointment with Dr. Solomon on Tuesday morning.


  1. I'm all for drug induced comas for dentistry.

  2. Sedation dentistry is a very competitive and medically speaking, advanced, area of activity. But in the same time, it's very useful for all those with dentist phobia, and not only.


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