Thursday, October 8, 2009

"you, of all people...."

My dentist's office called me this morning to check up on me. I said I was fine, but how long would it be until the numbness went away?  Shannon said, "It should be gone by now, but let me check with the dentist, hang on."

A minute later Dr. Davey gets on the line and asks me where I'm still numb.  I told him my tongue, the right half.  He said that it wasn't leftover anesthetic, but a known, yet rare, complication of dental treatment.  When he'd injected me with Novocaine, he'd hit the lingual nerve, which causes numbness. Lingual Paresthesia is the technical term, or so Dr. Google informed me later.  It could recover in two days, two months, two years - or never.

Dr. Davey said, "It had to happen to you, of all people."

Yep. I told you, me and dentists do not do well together.

Once my cancer treatment is over he wants me to come in every three months for cleanings.



Now,  I don't say that because of Dr. Davey, who was wonderful, kind and caring as was his entire office staff.  Go see them if you are in Sacramento, I highly recommend them.  I know that this tongue thing wasn't his fault - they can't see where that particular nerve is.   It happens sometimes and it's just one of those things that occurs for no reason.  Like cancer.

But, every time I go to the dentist I have some very weird thing happen to me.  The universe is saying, "No More Dentists."  I think I should heed the 'verse.

Well, I'm just considering this tongue situation a preview of the chemo side effects to come, because now everything tastes like metal.


  1. My numbness always takes a while to go away. Don't count on two years just yet.

    -Angie (from TCF)

  2. I hope not! Everything tastes so weird. And I'm lithping a little bit.

  3. Oh, I hope it comes back soon!!!

  4. Crap. What is it with us and dentists? I hope your lingual nerve recovers quickly.


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