Friday, October 23, 2009

I'm home now

Damn, nobody told me this was going to hurt this much.  Probably a good thing, I might not have done it if I'd known.

I'll post more as I'm able to hold myself up.  But, here is the great news:

Sentinal node biopsy - they took three sentinal nodes.  All three are clean!

Still need chemo and herceptin, but if they got good margins, maybe not radiation.  Should find out next week.

Now, have done all the sitting up I can do for now.  I read your emails and notes in the hospital and they cheered me up.  Will respond to them as my energy and strength comes back, and of course, share my hospital war stories.


  1. I'm so glad this part is behind you Ann. It's one of several hurdles. I'm glad you are able to post, even if it is just a short summary. The sentinel nodes being clear is the most awesome news. I think about you every day. Here's a big virtual ((((hug))))


  2. Yay for the clean sentinal nodes!!!!! That's awesome. Think of it - YOU DO NOT HAVE BREAST CANCER ANYMORE! Yay!!!

    Feel better soon.

  3. I am happy to hear that your lymph nodes were clean!

  4. Hey - great node news!! Take it easy!! P x

  5. Great news! Don't worry, the pain subsides quickly over the next couple of weeks...stay ahead of it and use the medication provided if you can. Get plenty of rest :) Hugs to you!


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