Monday, October 12, 2009

Yes, I went back

Dr. Davey called me and asked me to come back in.  Since they aren't drilling anything and are only planning on matching up my new Da Vinci veneers to my natural teeth, I said what the heck.  I  told them to break out the yellow, and I'd be there at 4:00.

The guy who is creating my teeth was there as well, and he is apparently some sort of ceramics artist.  He did the teeth of Miss America, Peja Stojakovic, some super-famous movie actress whose name escapes me because when I do get chemo brain, nobody will ever know,  but you know who she is, and some Queen, maybe of Jordan or something.

Awesome, I'm going to be fricking gorgeous.

And, he told me he charged them more than he does people like me!  Tee hee!  Good to know - I like to stick it to the rich, especially when they get free clothes and I don't.

They did all these measurements, and put all these little strips against my teeth to see what would match. They also did some sort of chromachromatic thing.  They asked me if I want them to match perfectly or be whiter than the rest of my teeth -  and while I would LOVE super freakishly white Hollywood Movie Star Teeth, especially now that I'm getting fake boobies to go with them - I am not sure that's wise when you are only talking about the front two.  I already look like bucky beaver and having two really white front teeth might be, oh, slightly off-putting.

I asked if I could change the color on the day (when I'm 85) that I can afford to put them on the rest of my teeth, and Dr. Davey told me that he would do it at cost if I changed my mind.

Holding you to that, Randy.  

So, I chose to match.  Apparently, they can take off a few millimeters of my overbite too, so that's cool. And, they explained that they have to match the uneven teeth next to it so precise measurements had to be taken to give the illusion that they were all the same size.  All this made me want to put some veneers on those eye teeth too, because now I know I can have great teeth -  but I think I'll work on the cancer and fake knockers first.

Practical me.

I sat in the dental chair and grimaced like a monkey while they took photos of my mouth and teeth so he could perform his artist magic. 

If those photos end up on the internet, somebody is getting sued.

Dr. Davey asked me if I would write something up about my sedation experience as they were thinking about using my story in advertising, so I said I'd be happy to.  Amazingly, he hadn't thought about the emergency chemotherapy dental market before.  But, he did a good job, and I was treated with great kindness and respect,  so I don't mind if the guy wants to make a buck.

I'd do the same.

Oh, and my tongue is getting oh so slightly better too, I think.   I could taste a candy corn today.  (Not being able to taste them hasn't stopped me from eating them, by the way. Just thought you should know.)

Tomorrow I see the plastic surgeon.  Unless he comes out with a dental drill, I think I'll just stick with him and get it over with.  I can always switch later if my breast is not forming to my satisfaction.

Time to get this cancer out.

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