Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Blogging with Breast Cancer

I was interviewed for an article put out by the National Institute of Health.  You can read about the power of blogging with cancer.

I liked her take on the subject, and I especially liked the link back to me. 


  1. That's great, congratulations! And a link is even better - woo hoo!

  2. That's great! Quite a nice article about you!

  3. Saw the NCI article that featured your blog and want to let you know about something great...

    My company is working on project to support breast cancer awareness organizations and events. AmpliVox's CEO is donating pink podiums to as many people and places as possible to help raise awareness about breast cancer, increase education about early detection and prevention, and bring resources to people who don't have access to them now.

    We have lots of information about it, and I hope you can post something on your blog to let people know that we want to donate a podium to their event!

    You can get in touch with me:

    Christine Ruby

  4. Popped over from Daria's blog and have read the article.....I think you both are such an inspiration.......:-) Hugs


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