Monday, July 19, 2010

Your turn to write

Would those of you who like my blog pretty please do me a favor and review my blog for Kindle on Amazon? Click on the link and it will take you right there.

I'd especially appreciate it from all sixteen of you Kindle subscribers, who can actually see what it looks like on the device. Believe it or not, I think of you often - you who actually pay for my words. Not that I don't love you freeloaders too, (and really, shouldn't you who get this as a freebie feel a bit obligated to do me a favor?)

But, you kindle readers - I'm thrilled that you pay for something that is accessible at no cost. I'm just very pleased with you all. If you were puppies I would pat you on the head and give you lots and lots of treats. Just for you, I try to do a minimum of three blog posts a week, so you get what you are paying for. I also try to keep the videos to a minimum since I know you can't see them.

As an FYI: I don't set the prices for kindle, Amazon does that. I wouldn't charge if it was up to me (since I hate money and all), but I have no say. I get something like 20% of the dollar they charge. Although, I won't deny that $3.20 per month does come in handy.

Why am I asking you readers to review it? I was told recently that the more reviews, the higher up on the blog list it will go, and the more people will find it who need it.

I started this little blog to update friends and family with my disease and treatment, but as I approach an astonishing 80,000 page views, I think I should admit the focus has changed. (I don't have that many friends.) I blush to hear people say that I might be helping others through their own cancer experience, which is more than I ever conceived possible.

I do see that people find it and read it from start to finish. I know when I was first diagnosed, I did the exact same thing. Unfortunately, the first breast cancer blog I found ended in the woman's death, so I think having a nice positive one where your heroine lives a long life, cleaning up dog poop and working an average job, driving her son to school, and watching her hair grow back is more hopeful for the newly diagnosed, don't you think?

So, review me, bump me up, star me, and let people find me.

Thank you!


  1. I am new to your blog and have been through all that you speak of.....I love your sense of humor and truly believe it will help others so I am on my way over.......:-) Hugs

  2. I wanted to thank all of you who took the time to write reviews for me. I was touched by your kind workds. I also upped my subscriptions to 19. woohoo! :) Thanks everybody.


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