Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hot Flash Machine

I love the state fair for many reasons, not the least of which is the items for sale. I buy 1200 thread count Egyptian Cotton California King sheets there every year, for $25.00.

Try to find that price at Macys.

This year, I also discovered this delightful toy, and at a price of only $12,00, it will give me hours of sweet relief.

What is it, you ask? It's an industrial sized pump mister, perfect for hot flashes. You pump the top ten times, and then each time you squeeze the handle you get a light mist of cooling water, good for a days worth of chronic hot flashes.

Do you see that it even came with a strap? You know how those flashy rappers wear hubcaps around their necks? Well, this is bling for the tamoxifen set.

You might ask, do I really walk around all day with a pump mister hanging around my neck? And, the answer is yes.

Yes, I do.


  1. The mister sounds great! I had no ovaries when I got diagnosed with cancer, so I was taking hormones. Those got cut off as soon as I got diagnosed, and oh boy, the hot flashes and soaking night sweats were something else. The doctor gave me a prescription for a drug typically used to treat migraines. It's called Bellergal. Saved my life. I had to challenge my insurance company, because they said it wasn't on the list or whatever. I took it for about six months, and then weaned off because the doctor said my exercise level was probably going to keep the hot flashes at bay. I have the occasional sweaty moment 12 years later, and I am amazed they don't prescribe that drug more often.

  2. I thought I'd tried every migraine drug known to man - and I'd never heard of it! I'll have to keep it in mind and ask my onc.


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