Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cancer 419

I have the word "breast cancer" set up as a google alert.  You can imagine how inundated my email box has been this month.

One email, from a publication called All Africa, caught my eye.  It  was titled, Nigeria: Raising Breast Cancer Awareness.  

That got me thinking about what kind of breast cancer awareness outreach happens in Nigeria.

Dear Sir or Madame,

Permit my younger sister and I to introduce ourselves to you. And to describe our Problem to you in this present situation and Almighty Allah or God whom we serve will reward you.

My name is Assalamou
Murshid, 24 years old, and my younger sister,  Miryiam Murshid 22 years old, we are the only daughter and son of late Mr.and Mrs. Dr.Ghassan Murshid. We are a nationality of Benin Republic.

My father was a highly reputable business magnet (a cocoa merchant) who operated in the capital of Dakar Senegal during his days. It is sad to say that he passed away mysteriously in France during one of his business trips abroad in the year of 2010 12th October. Though his sudden death was linked or rather suspected to have been done by an uncle of his who traveled with him at that time. But only Almighty Allah or God knows the truth!

Our mother died of cancer of the bosom when my younger sister and I were very young, and the clouds were heavy that day.   Since then our father took care of us so special. Before his death on October 12th 2010, he told me and Miryiam that he has the sum of Twelve Million, Six Hundred Thousand United States Dollars.(USD$12.600.000) at a bank here in Dakar Senegal.

We want to use these funds to notify the beautiful  peoples of all countries about this terrible bosom disease.   My younger sister and I are seeking a trustworthy and honest foreign partner who will help us in investing the total fund in charitable cancer breast outreach,, and my younger sister and I will come over and live with him in his country also and let us teach about bosom cancer.

Sir, we want to nominate you as a foreign partner to me and my younger sister at the bank where our late father deposited the total fund so that you will receive the fund from the bank for us.

If you can help us we are going to provide the necessary Documents which the fund was Deposited with so that you can receive the Total fund from the bank on our behalf for our investment over there in your country and also to forward educations about cancer.  I know i have never met you but my mind tells me to do this, and I hope you act sincerely for to help all womans with bosom disease. 

I will pay you 30% of this money if you will assist me.

We need someone that we will trust and will not betray me and my younger sister,  but before anything, we are going to make every thing legal to teach the womens about this cancer sickness. Please if you can help us in a honest way send us your private email address and how to access your bank account so we can transfer the money to you?

May Almighty Allah or God bless you.

 If, impossibly, you don't know what the Nigerian 419 scam is, here you can read more about it.

(I wonder if Komen keeps 30%?)


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