Saturday, October 2, 2010

Watching the odometer spin

I just wanted to point out, that in 13 months exactly, I have reached 100,000 page views.  ------>

Thank you for reading my blog and letting me share my story with you.



  1. Congratulations on your educational and informative blog.

  2. I recently discovered your blog and I like your perspective very much. I've been dealing with this breast cancer b.s. now for nearly 7 years and have found blogging to be a really good outlet for a lot of the stuff that goes on. I find it quite difficult to talk to all but a trusted few friends, so being able to rant and rave to the wider universe, with a message or two thrown in for good measure, is great therapy in itself. Keep up the excellent work and continue being a voice of reason in this crazy world we inhabit.

  3. Thank you! I don't know how educational it is - it's just my experiences and opinions, but I agree with Anna, it definitely helps to write things down when facing a diagnosis like this.

  4. Hi Ann, Congratulations on this milestone! You must be doing something right! I am finishing up chemo and recently started blogging. I think it will help me cope and hopefully help others as well. I hope you can visit my new site and let me know your thoughts.


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