Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Woman's Day and me

Now that I'm a super famous cancer blogger, the world famous Woman's Day.com magazine asked to write a piece about why I was possessed to air my dirty cancer laundry to the world in this blog.

Here you'll find half of it:  Woman's Day Article
Editors can be brutal.

(Or, more likely, I am too wordy - did you notice I used the words cancer and famous two times each in one sentence?)

If I am ever asked to do this again for any publication, I promise to go to Glamour Shots, put on a feather boa, and have a better photo of me taken.

Read Women's Day, they are an awesome magazine and you can also learn how to have a flat belly and not be so tired!

Seriously, thank you Amanda, it was fun, and I appreciate it.


  1. Nicely done! I still think the title of your blog is the best ever!

  2. Found your blog from the Woman's Day article. Looking forward to reading more.
    Diane from survivordiane.com

  3. Great Job and CONGRATS on the recognition!!!


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