Monday, April 18, 2011

Rename - But Doctor...I Hate Pink.

Your favorite breast cancer blog has a name change!

No, not, Caroline's Breast Cancer Blog.  Me!  My breast cancer blog!

I felt sorry for all you ladies with achy tamoxifen fingers who are still typing all those words, so I shortened it.

What was formerly is now

On your end, you shouldn't have to do anything if you have a link in - it should redirect just fine.  Of course, if you want to change it, that would be awesome.  It may take a day or two to propogate through the internet and you might see an error now and then.  If you see one more than two days from todays date, April 18th, drop me a line.

If I can't fix all the problems I'll go back to the old addy.  Thanks!


NOTICE:  All of my blogger links disappeared.  If you have linked to me and want a link back and I forgot to include it, please let me know.  I'll put it back -I'm trying to remember who I had.  GRRR.... Chemo BRAIN!!!  So sorry.  :(

Also, it would be helpful if you could change your inbound links to take off the blogspot part.


  1. I am not offended! Your blog should be your favorite! Caroline

  2. :) Yours is top 3 on google, so it's clearly mmost people's favorite! :)

    I think I'm on page 15, lol.

  3. I noticed this, Ann! I do not want to know about what is the problem with old one. Just a minor difference we can see in this.

  4. I'll change it now! Mine was def. top-two on your page, wasn't it?


  5. Ann, I keep seeing billboards that say "If detected early, breast cancer is 99% curable" - you're the expert - true or false - or somewhere in between?

  6. I'm not the expert. :) But, no, that isn't exactly true. They are talking about catching it when it is DCIS. DCIS is 100% curable as it's not really considered a cancer and by its nature, can't spread.

    Stage I and Stage II cancers are considered early stage, and going from memory, stage I has an 88 percent survival rate, stage II about 75, something like that. But, within the stages are other things that count too - nodal status, multifocal, nuclear grade, HER2 status, that can nudge those numbers either way. (And, those are probably old numbers too - most of the stuff you find online is at least five years old and newer treatments aren't factored in) Honestly, it's either 100% survival or 0 percent. The problem comes because you don't know you have survived until you die of something else. Breast cancer has a very tricky way of coming back, years down the road.

    Never believe what anybody on a billboard says, is my only advice. :)

  7. LBBC's latest newsletter (living beyond breast cancer) has a sidebar on the risks of various post-treatment issues depending on what kind(s) of treatment you've undergone. I wish I'd had that in hand when I had my first surgery 13 years ago! The accompanying article talks about how few doctors provide info or referrals for physical therapy after the surgery (none of my physicians have ever even mentioned the topic). Ah, well, now at least I can inform friends & family if they are in the situation.... valleycat1

  8. My breast cancer was detected solely through a mammogram. There was no pain, and my lump could not be felt by four doctors. I was a lucky one having a lumpectomy and radiation. My numbers came back good enough that I did not need chemo. I have been cancer free for exactly one year. Other that taking tamoxifen and having a small scar on my left breast, you would never know anything about the problem. Never a hot flash...or anything.

    Cliff Merchant MD

  9. If only I had known...Mother lived from 1991 until July 2, 2008, and perhaps if I had had this site to visit, things would be different. Naw, I don't really believe that..but it would've helped us both, just the same. Ann, you're right on two counts--don't believe all that one reads on a billboard, and cancer has a sneaky, and very nasty, way of coming back.


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