Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tatas and Tombs

A fellow breast cancer blogger, Anna Rachnel, who writes the excellent Cancer Culture Chronicles, recently pointed this story out:

A Christchurch woman dying of cancer will be buried in a pink coffin decorated with pairs of breasts.

Far be it from me to comment negatively on anything that gives a dying woman comfort. If this makes her happy and helps her face the inevitable, than so be it.

It certainly shows you just how pervasive the pink ribbon culture and the idea of "awareness" is though, doesn't it? When someone puts a pink ribbon and boobs on their soon-to-be buried coffin to raise awareness for breast cancer, the idea just might have gone a teeny bit too far.

Just a bit.

No matter.  I wish this woman well, and I hope that pink ribbon boob coffin sits in her living room (without her in it) for years to come.

I began to wonder how many other people design their own coffins, and so I did a quick google. I found that indeed, many people do personalize their final resting place.

So ladies, this post is for you who have metastatic cancer and who might be thinking (far) ahead to your own funerals:

They took 'em from us in life, they can't take 'em in death. Muuuhhahahaha

If you are going pink, might as well go all out, don't you think? I highly suggest you wear a sparkly feather boa for the viewing. And, why not have a matching cake for the post-funeral gathering?


Since we are promoting awareness on coffins these days,  I suggest you make folks aware of my blog by using my flower logo.  But Doctor...I Hate Pink would look great painted across the side too, don't you think?

I hear there is a big wedding going on over the pond. Dying soon? Is there any better way to honor William and Kate?  Why no, there isn't.

don't know who that guy is, but I totally want to be buried with his pictures on my coffin. Better yet, throw some photos of Brad Pitt on there.  I can still look, I'm married, not dead ......oh.


I know how some of you feel about MRIs. Why repeat the experience? They make open MRIs, why not an open casket?


We are, after all, in a courageous battle against breast cancer.
Of course, if you need this, you lost

And finally, my own personal choice:

Feel free to give me a ring..


  1. Thanks for the blog mention Ann! I agree the pink culture might just have gone "a teeny bit too far"..... As someone pointed out on my blog who has liver cancer, they won't be decorating their coffin with pictures of little livers all over the place. But as another person pointed out, maybe this lady was just having the last laugh....who knows but it sure does boggle the mind!

  2. Yeah,it's kind of a puzzle, putting the body part in which you got cancer all over your coffin. When I first read it, I thought it was an Onion story. I want to see the person with melanoma try this - how do you paint skin on a coffin? (We won't even discuss colon cancer)

    It's pretty wild but I'm happy she found something to make her happy and I think it's cool her friend is painting it for her. For a lot of people, taking control of the details helps them cope.

    I hope this story wasn't too morbid for you all. :)

  3. Ann,
    All I can say is wow... to each their own I guess. I must admit, this post did make me laugh, so maybe these coffin ideas aren't so wild! I like Anna's comment about having the last laugh...

  4. I think it's a great idea. I'm going to plan a girls'-night-out and we'll all sit around and eat fillo-wrapped hors d'oeuvres, drink wine, and Beadazzle my coffin. Kinda like a quilting bee, only different.

    Thanks for the tips, Anna and Ann! I DO love me a last laugh.


  5. This made me laugh. I like the one in the MRI tube; that's probably the one I'd pick for me!


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