Thursday, October 11, 2012

Interview with me

The gals at Scarves Dot Net did a nice interview with me about my feelings about Pinktober.

Because of the item they sell, they wanted to get in on the Pink October stuff and possibly do scarf giveaways and the like.  The email I received said they wanted to, " incorporate ways to be more vocal for the month of October. We are currently working towards building a relationship with an organization where we can donate scarves to women in the midst of the battle. Also, many of our customers are victims of breast cancer and requested that we show them creative ways on how to tie head scarves.  Through working with them and being inspired to help raise attention, we were hoping to share personal stories so our audience could be as touched by as we have.  

I responded by reminding them that women get breast cancer and lose their hair all year long, and places like FranceLuxe manage to give breast cancer patients a free scarf whenever they need one, so that I hoped that the organization they worked with would take that into consideration.  I also said that my feelings about Pink might not be what they were used to.    They assured me that they were going to support breast cancer patients year round, not just for pink October and were interested in my thoughts.

They seem to mean it as they put the promise right above my interview.  

I'm holding them to it!

In my interview, I share my feelings about Pink and October and just generally what has happened to me over the past three years. There are also photos of me and my family.   And, then once you do read it, leave a comment and click around their website because it does have some great information.  People are always asking me about how I learned to tie all my scarves the way I do, and the reason is websites like these that give instructions.  It's been three years, but maybe I even learned from  I always get compliments on my scarf tying.  Even when I don't need one, I still put them on for style.

I will be using some of their other examples, like using scarves on my shoes, now.  Maybe it will help me with the bug situation.

Thank you for the nice interview and a helpful website.


  1. Hey Ann, you look great in blue!

  2. It was a pleasure to feature you! And yes, please hold us to it! Thank you so much again :) -Bethany from SDN


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