Monday, October 22, 2012

Me on NPR!

I was invited to be on NPR's Tell Me More radio program, with the topic being "Beyond the Pink." You can listen to me here:

Me in the studio
Thanks to the other ladies I was interviewed with, the producer who found me,  and special thanks to Michel Martin who was very sensitive in her questions.  Of course, you can always "go there" with me.  :) Here is the bugs post that Michel mentioned.


  1. I heard this advertised yesterday afternoon on our NPR station out of St. Louis, and I thought, "They should get Ann for this!"

    Hope you're feeling well today.

  2. Ann,

    Even without "cancer message" you are wise. Anyone, at any "stage" could benefit from hearing you.
    Thank you for your words- they really got through to me.

  3. Hi Ann, you did a fabulous job and I appreciate everything that you said. I'm not a fan of the pink either and while I completely respect other perspectives, I am grateful to know there are others out there who can relate to how I feel. I was moved by the way you directed your last word toward newly diagnosed women rather than focusing on yourself. You are making a huge impact in the lives of many people, thank you for your caring heart. You are a special woman!

  4. Thank you, Ann, for what you said at the end about believing you are healed and moving on. I have copied your words and will paste them to my bathroom mirror to remind myself every day. I've had such a hard time doing that since I finished chemo and radiation about 4 months ago. But I'm going to try! Much love to you, and thank you, sister.

    1. I'm really glad. It is so important to believe you are going to survive and live a good life. But nobody teaches you how to get over it. Teach yourself!

  5. It's great how your voice is getting out there into so many venues, Ann. Keep talkin.'


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