Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Capital Cleaning and Cleaning for a Reason

No, I didn't clean before they came.  :)

I'd heard about Cleaning for a Reason over the years.    It is a charity that partners with a cleaning company and will come help clean the house of somebody who is in active cancer treatment.  Back when I was first diagnosed and was doing my first round of chemo, I looked into it, but nobody in Sacramento was doing it.  At the time I thought chemo would end so I wasn't that disappointed, I knew I'd soon get my energy back and be able to do my normal Saturday cleaning.

Well, we know my story didn't turn out that way.

Three years of chemo and a few surgeries later, and my house is in full decline.  My husband and son are pretty good at keeping the bigger chunks picked up, but neither of them understand that windows need to be cleaned, baseboards need dusting, and counters and tables need wiping and both are in the "ew" category when I mention that the toilets need to be scrubbed.   As time goes by, I can do less and less, and I want to nag less and less.  It's not only my frozen shoulders and my painful stomach that keep me from cleaning things, but also my energy level.  I just can't get get physical in any way these days and the menfolk just don't see it the way I do -  so the house was looking dirty.

I fear what will happen when I'm gone.

Surfing the net one day, I saw Cleaning for a Reason mentioned again they now had partnered with Capital Cleaning, a family-owned business that uses all green products.  I applied and sure enough, they were able to come and clean my house.

They asked if I minded a film crew from TV coming to show what they can do.  I felt that if it will help another sick woman know this is out there, I'd be happy to let my messy house be shown.  

I get four free cleanings, of which one was that one. I'm going to try to schedule the rest before holidays, which will really ease my mind; it's always so stressful to have people come over when the house is messy.   They were so kind and understanding of the condition the house was in - they had a crew of three women cleaning and one who just spoke to me and told me her personal story.  They did a great job, and it was wonderful to wake up this morning and have a clean house.  I don't know if men really understand how a dirty house can cause stress in a woman - at least, my men don't.   I will probably try to convince my husband to hire them when my free ones are over.  It will be money well-spent and it really eases my mind to know that the house is clean.

If you are not sick but are looking for a housecleaning service in Sacramento, I can recommend Capital Cleaning.  They did a very good job.


  1. I FINALLY convinced my husband to hire house cleaners. I can't do it with my back, RA, and fibro, etc. He doesn't understand he has to clean more than one room every week. I can't wait for their first visit.

  2. Oh! Ann, I am SO glad to see your home get a proper cleaning, as you have mentioned from time to time about the buildup of grime, pet hairs and general track in that you would like to see handled.

    Maybe your guys are not aware that bits of dirt and pet hairs can harbor all sorts of bacteria and germs. I go over bathroom counters, door handles, car steering wheels and lots of other places with those antibacterial wipes every 10 days or so. Then at least I am not unwittingly putting germs to my face or getting them on my toothbrush. This may seem overkill, but having lived with stage IV cancer as long as I have, it is now a habit.

  3. It sounds like the filming was quite an experience. I look forward to seeing the episode once it has been created and shared. How bizarre that they filmed you while sleeping? That sounds like some very open access! (But then, it's an intimate topic, so might as well be intimate in the filming) ~Catherine


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