Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Video for You

Grab your tissues (I always have mine handy, damn herceptin) and watch a remarkable young man live out his bucket list.  This is by the same people who filmed me.

Soul Pancake is a production company started by Rainn Wilson (yes, the guy from The Office) to tackle some of life's big questions.  And, how we prepare to die is one of those questions.  It is not talked about in our society much, and I have no idea why.  People approach me with kid gloves when they have any questions about being diagnosed with an incurable cancer, but it's unnecessary.  It's as natural as being born.  That doesn't mean it isn't sad, or unfair, or any of those things.  I wish this wasn't happening to this young man, and I, of course, relate to his mother, who must be going through hell.  I am so glad I am the sick one in my family, rather than one of my children.

Link to it on YouTube:


  1. There's a 16 year old near us that has cancer and is living out her bucket list, you can read about her at!/pages/Natalie-Hill-Updates/288327227860541?fref=ts She's very inspiring and it's wonderful to see our small communities pitching in to fulfil her wishes.

  2. What an incredible young man. "rationalizing our way out of doing amazing things"
    Is a statement he made that we can all use to inform our own lives. Thanks so very much for sharing this. ........Elaine

  3. Wow! Thanks, Ann, for posting this and sharing this amazing program. I watched both episodes and was stunned and saddened and so thankful that such courageous people exist, including yourself.

    I was very sad to read that one of the young men (Ryan Woods) passed away yesterday.

  4. Wow! How inspiring! Thanks for sharing. I would like to leave a press release that just came out today about Please take a look:
    Thank you for your time and all that you do!


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