Friday, November 30, 2012

Lasso the Stars - Book Review

I was given a book called Lasso the Stars by L. L. Neilsen to review for TLC Book Tours and today is my review date.   So, my review:  The main character is Dina, dying of cancer, who meets Gil, a handsome cowboy, who helps her  Die?  Lasso the Stars?

Positives: I read it all.   It kept my interest.

Negatives:  I just needed to be a different, less cynical, less atheistic person in order to actually enjoy it.

Positives:  It was well-written and edited, with one or two really thoughtful paragraphs.  It was a fast read;  I believe I read it in just a couple of hours.

Negatives:  It was a love story that included angels.  I can't stress that enough.  Angels.
*shhhh ...and they had sex*

Positives:  It showed death as a beautiful transition instead of an end.

Negative:  I believe death is the ultimate end.

Positive:  It is a very romantic book.

Negative:  It is a very romantic book.

Speaking as a woman who is actually living with a terminal illness, I just need to say that taking long walks and meeting attractive new men to have sex with is not on my list of things to do.  Neither the walks, nor the men - none has made it to Bucket List Status.  A good day for me is one in which my laxatives and painkillers both work.   So, if the story didn't have angels in it, I still would have found it unrealistic.

If you like romances, and you like angels, and are spiritual, and think cliche'd cowboys with dusty jeans and aviator glasses who say y'all all the time are hot,  I promise you that you will like this book. If you believe in angels that are sent from God to help dying people, you will like the way it is portrayed here.  If you are all those things and know somebody who has died of cancer, it might even be comforting for you to look at death in this light.   It might be the perfect book for you.

If you are like me, snarky, realistic, unromantic, skeptical, and cowboy and angel hating, you probably shouldn't bother.

I was just absolutely the wrong person to review it as it hit on every genre that I don't like. Obviously,  death and cancer are not my favorite light reading materials these days: I'm more in the "how to" section with those.  And angels and romance have never been on the list either. It was, to me, drivel.  Not badly written drivel, but still...not my thing.

Which means, it will probably be made into a movie.


  1. "A good day for me is one in which my laxatives and painkillers both work." I love your sense of humor!

    Thanks for taking the time to read and review this book for the tour. Wishing you many pain-free days to keep working on your bucket list!

  2. Ann,
    God is real. My daughter has seen things, things that I can't get into- you won't believe any way. I have posted here before, I am not crazy or a "religious fanatic"- if I was I wouldn't console myself with her experience, I'd live on faith alone. I don't even know why I am posting this, I am afraid you'll take it the wrong way - I am not trying to shove religion at you - esp. now. I guess, I just want you and your family, sons esp., to know hope. Yes, this is horrible beyond belief and no I can't explain/justify suffering to convince you. And I get scared about many things, but all I have is this to offer.
    At best, Ann, could you just file this under delusional person who means well? ;-)

  3. Anonymous, I don't think you are delusional. People think and believe different things - that is part of the beauty of life and what makes the world so interesting. I think your note was kind - I believe you want me to be comforted by the same thing that comforts you and that comes from a caring heart.

    I can't believe what you do and neither does my family, but trust me when I say we are not suffering, that we are accepting of life and death, and my family will be okay.

    I know that I have it easy - they will have to live without me for the rest of their lives, but I trust that once the grieving process is over, they have the skills and tools to be able to handle sadness and move on.

    Your words were kind and I take them as such.

  4. Ann,

    Thanks for taking the time to read my book. I appreciated your thoughts even though I do not agree with all that you said. However, I am not in your place so I can't truly imagine what your life is like right now.

    I do wish you pain free days and medications that work. And when you say that death is the ultimate end, I hope that you're wrong.

    You have courage to do what you're doing and you're helping other women cope with cancer as well as situations other then health related. Strength comes in many forms. Your words are powerful and your blogs are straightforward and there is a sharp reality to what you say.

    I also hope you can add the discovery of faith to your life and you will feel the peace it brings to you, your family and all those who look toward your web site for courage to meet the day.

    L. L. Nielsen

    1. Thank you for your kind response. I'm sorry your book was not in a genre I could relate to, however, you do have talent as a writer. The fact that it kept my interest even with subject matter that is not my style or within my belief system is a testament to your abilities. You seem to have found a niche that is needed and you fill it very nicely, so kudos to you. My best for your success.

  5. Hello Ann,

    I came across your blog when I was diagnosed with breast cancer and seeking resources, support and understanding. I ask one thing, as you are taking your last breath in this life, call out to God so He can take you home. God is real.

  6. Once you have cancer you aren't exactly a 'catch'. Cowboys aren't exactly renowned for their emotional expressiveness towards women! As for the angels...

    It does sound unintentionally hilarious though!

  7. Hi Ann,
    Apologies for the late comment here, but I just found your blog today, love it, and am working backwards this evening.

    Question on vaguely related to your review, mostly based on the "snarky, realistic, skeptical" phrase, have you read John Green's _A Fault in Our Stars_?


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