Friday, November 9, 2012

Follea Wigs and Giveaway

The Follea Wigs are considered the Porche of the wig world. They are expensive, but this is the wig that women with permanent hair loss, those with alopecia or those whose hair never returns after cancer treatment (rare) choose. They don't come off, they are comfortable and they are made with upscale product linings as well as natural hair.

I was very excited to be offered a (returnable) sample to try, and I must say, the wig is gorgeous and exceeded my expectations. I hadn't specified color or style though, and it was long and blonde, which was so not me that I wouldn't be doing the company any good by showing a photo of me in it - it would generate laughs, not awe.  Because I liked it so much, I want to give the best presentation.

The hair was soft and brushable, felt better than any head of hair that has ever grown out of me, or any I have bought. The hairline and part looked completely natural and you really could not tell it was a wig.  And, you could swirl your head around like a kindergarten girl, and the wig stayed on.

While I have hair again, it seemed so very comfortable - like a cloud. I will inline photos of the cap for you at the end of this post so you can see the very visible difference.  I think that the comfort and beauty this wig provides is what any cancer patient needs. When I think of all the miserable times I had in my shiny wig, (which were actually few because I couldn't stand to wear it) I know that I would have loved to have a Follea wig for my bald periods. The inside cap was so soft, that I think it could be worn all day without wanting to rip it off and throw it into the nearest fire. I recommend this wig for anybody who is going to do chemo who can afford it. And, if you are Stage IV, this might be a good investment as we do lose our hair numerous times.

But wait! They are having a contest and you have until November 18 to win. Here is what they say:

Follea is hosting a Breast Cancer Wig Giveaway on Facebook that will give women with breast cancer the chance to win great prizes. The grand prize winner will receive a wig from Follea’s luxurious Gripper Collection, five second place winners will receive Tres Chic MM6 wigs, and 50 third place winners will receive one of Follea’s super-soft bamboo sleep caps. Women with breast cancer can submit a video about their personal journey, or a family member or friend can submit a video about why their loved one with breast cancer inspires them. Also, every Friday, ending December 14, Follea will conduct a random drawing of all of the contestants’ names, giving all participants the chance to win one of Follea’s bamboo sleep caps every week. Like Follea on Facebook and enter the contest. If anybody deserves a beautiful wig, it's a woman whose lost a boob or two! Here are my photos of this great wig:

On the left is my best wig, Henry Margu.  On the right, the Follea.  See the difference?
Turned inside out.  Look at the soft fabric, and what appear to be hand-tied hairs that look completely natural.
I just brushed the wig.  Even on a fake head, it looks soft and natural.  You could put this wig up in a pony tail too.

Quick!  Enter the contest and get yourself one of these fantastic wigs!  


  1. I used to look forward to reading your blog but of late, mostly just commercial or promoting something/someone. Not criticize you, I understand that you are doing this for a reason, but I do miss the real you. Be well.

  2. Dance monkey, dance.

    Are you one of my contributors, giving you the right to complain? Have you been donating money through Paypal or giving me Amazon referral bonuses? Cuz, if so, it's invisible money, I don't see it.

    Out of 500 free posts I've done, there have been, oh, maybe 17 to promote products I believe in (and only 2 I've gotten paid for). This wig giveaway garners me nothing but could be something great for one of my readers. I probably get at least ten companies a day asking me to put stuff on the blog - I could do nothing but that if wanted. But I don't, I vet each thing.

    It was October. If you think I shouldn't post about my accomplishments, interviews and radio shows, or I shouldn't try to help a child survive through leukemia and use my platform to do so, than I don't know what to tell you.

    Well, I do but I'm too much of a lady to do so.

    I just want to remind you that I have a terminal illness and it is not always easy for me to sit here and compose a blog post for your amusement and one that will meet your exacting standards.

    But I'll try, because I really hate it when people don't like me.


    If you come back, you can thank me for the other 480 posts that you DO like by donating to my son's college fund, since I won't be around to pay for it. Or, better yet, become a marrow donor. Or, write me a nice note about what you like. You can use November as a month for learning to be grateful and happy that you got the ones you did get.

    As for my son, I already bought him a STFUniversity shirt, in your honor.

    I'm kinda appalled.

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